Joint Post-doctorate of China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. and Tian Jianhui Lung Cancer Metastasis Research Group, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Shanghai and Shenzhen, China

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Posted: July 22, 2019

Job Description

Tian Jianhui's research team focuses on clinical and basic research of lung cancer metastasis intervention, focusing on immune regulation and circulating tumor cells, and carrying out clinical and basic research on metastasis prevention and control; and has successfully constructed world’s first circulating human non-small cell lung cancer cell line, named as CTC-TJH-01. Our core research directions include:
1. Molecular mechanisms of Chinese Herbs in regulating lung cancer immunity in the prevention and treatment of lung cancer
2. Research and development of new drugs for lung cancer metastasis based on circulating human lung cancer cell lines platform

China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. belongs to China Resources (Holdings), one of the world's top 500 enterprises. The post-doctoral workstation was established in July 1996 and is the first listed branch of Shenzhen Post-doctoral workstation. Since the establishment, we have jointly recruited and trained post-doctorates from Zhongshan University, China University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over the years, we have accumulated experience in post-doctoral research topic selection and personnel training. On the basis of closely cooperating with enterprise, the post-doctoral training program is more structured, conducive to seeking the best combination of production, learning and research after the post-doctoral departure.

Tian Jianhui, Ph.D., doctorate supervisor, chief physician. Enrolled under “the first post-doctoral program of Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance in China”, he was supervised by Prof. Liu Jiaxiang, a “national master of TCM”, and was granted an excellent academic leader by Shanghai Health Commission. Tian Jianhui’s research direction includes the clinical and basic research of comprehensive treatment of lung cancer with Chinese herbs, focusing on revealing the mechanism of lung cancer and the mechanism of Chinese herbs from the perspective of tumor immune regulation. The basic research technology platform of lung cancer metastasis has been established, including human lung cancer circulating tumor cell lines and lung cancer orthotopic transplantation tumor models. Three ongoing projects are funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He proposed that “Zheng Qi deficiency and hidden toxicity” is the core pathogenesis of lung cancer metastasis and the concept has been systematically verified. More than 100 scientific papers have been published in China and abroad, including 10 SCIs. Three patent rights were declared. He has been invited to give lectures more than 30 times at leading academic conferences both home and abroad, including AACR and CSCO in the United States. Previous researches were carried out with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Melbourne University of Australia and Hong Kong Baptist University.
Tian Jianhui is an expert on “evaluation of key R&D projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China”; the consultant of “evaluation of new drugs of the State Food and Drug Administration of China”; Secretary-General of Chinese Medical Oncology Alliance; Standing Member of Chinese Medical Oncology Branch of Chinese Medical Association; and, Active Member of American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

1. Strong interest in scientific research, innovative, honest and trustworthy, healthy;
2. Ph.D. aged under 35 years old; or for the 2019 Ph.D. graduates, aged under 32 years old;
3. Within 3 years after Ph.D. graduation;
4. Candidates should have at least one SCI paper published with impact factor of ≥5 as the first or corresponding author;
5. Master the theory of oncology and immunology; experience in Oncology Biology research, acquainted with the commonly used oncology research technology, such as flow analysis, comprehensive analysis of biological information, etc;
6. Good communication and coordination skills, teamwork spirit and efficient tasks execution ability.

1. Allowance upon negotiation. Basic allowance combined with scientific research awards and subsidies accounts to more than 50,000 USD/year. Research mainly held in Shenzhen and Shanghai.
2. Postdoctorate who work in Shenzhen and have signed a contract with enterprises and institutions in Shenzhen for more than three years after postdoctorate graduation will receive a research grant of 43,000 USD from the Shenzhen Municipal Government. After three years of work, post-doctorates have the right to apply for the reserve talents of high-level professionals in Shenzhen according to the relevant requirements of Shenzhen City and can enjoy the corresponding talent subsidies offer by the municipal government.

1. Personal resume;
2. Certificates of academic qualifications, copies of award-winning certificates, representative papers, etc.;
3. Work plan after entering the post-doctorate station.
*According to the principle of two-way selection, Longhua Hospital or China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. will employ post-doctorates who have outstanding research results and excellent performance.

1. Applicants are invited to send their resumes (including basic personal information, doctoral research, participating or presiding projects, representative research results, etc.) to Tian Jianhui's mailbox: or The title of the mailbox should be: post-doctoral application + name + specialty. Professor Tian's telephone number: 0086-13761351319; fixed telephone: 8621-64385700 to 9605.
2. After receiving the candidates resumes, the recruitment team will conduct a preliminary examination of the application materials, contact the candidates who have passed the preliminary round, and organize interviews.
3. Postdoctoral Workstation of China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. Contact person: Mr. Wu. Tel: 86755-83360999-395001 Mailbox:


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