Research Associate, Office of Educational Effectiveness

University of La Verne

La Verne, CA

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Posted: February 14, 2020
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Job Description

Job Description Summary
The University of La Verne is a private not-for-profit university founded in 1891 located in La Verne, California. The core values that we live by are Ethical Reasoning, Diversity and Inclusivity, Lifelong Learning and Community and Civic Engagement.

If you’re passionate about these values, join us at the University of La Verne!
This position provides sophisticated analytical knowhow, project management capabilities, and communications savviness for the Educational Effectiveness Office as it leads the University’s efforts to enhance a culture of evidence, student-centered learning, and continuous improvement. For institutional initiatives, such as Title III STEM HSI grant and La Verne Experience, the Associate would devise the most appropriate research methodology for assessment, collect the relevant data, employ a variety of analysis techniques, interpret findings regarding the success of such initiatives, and effectively communicate results using highly-skilled oral presentations, data visualizations, and reports. The associate would also deliver assessment workshops, training, and consulting support for faculty, staff, and administrators. The seven key responsibility domains are: 1) Institutional Assessment Design & Analysis; 2) Assessment Tool Administration; 3) Assessment Training & Consulting; 4) Assessment Resource Hub; 5) Program Review Support; 6) Assessment Infrastructure Planning; and 7) Assessment Staff Management & Development.
This is a grant-funded position through 9/30/2021.

Specific Duties
Institutional Assessment Design & Analysis

Design appropriate research methodologies for assessment of institutional educational initiatives, such as the Title III STEM Grant. This includes development of a variable measurement plan and establishing benchmarks for success using available data.
Lead the analysis, interpretation of findings, reporting, and broad communication of implications for institutional educational initiatives, such as the Title III STEM Grant. Contributions to reporting include mandatory grant reports such as Title III quarterly submissions
In consultation with the Director of Educational Effectiveness, provide expert guidance on the design, execution, and ongoing enhancement of assessment processes for Baccalaureate Learning Outcomes, General Education, La Verne Experience (LVE) Programs, and Regional & Online Campuses (ROC).
Assist with the execution, analysis, interpretation, reporting and communication of assessment projects related to Baccalaureate Learning Outcomes, LVE Programs, ROC, and other institutional efforts as needed
Help advise grant teams on how to design and implement proper assessment for grant projects and institutionalize learning from such efforts
Assist the Director of Educational Effectiveness with developing and implementing the Academic Assessment Plan for the University in collaboration with Deans, Department / Program Chairs, faculty and decentralized assessment coordinators. This includes developing an institutional framework for assessing student learning and promoting a learning-centered environment
In conjunction with Institutional Research, identify and explore systemic issues that arise from student success data, including the Title III STEM grant, and develop recommendations for appropriate interventions
Assessment Tool Administration

In consultation with the Director of Institutional Research, develop, modify, coordinate, and monitor administration of instruments and survey tools for assessment of student performance. This includes survey administration for national datasets such as the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) CIRP Freshman Survey, the HERI College Senior Survey (CSS), and NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement).
Develop, manage, and enhance student data databases for ongoing tracking and analyses. This includes management of the Title III STEM grant student database.
Assessment Training & Consulting

In collaboration with the Director of Educational Effectiveness, and the Director for the Center of Teaching and Learning (CTL), help identify faculty and staff development needs in assessment concepts, processes and methodologies.
In collaboration with the Director of Educational Effectiveness, serve as an instructor / workshop leader for the delivery of curriculum that addresses key assessment education needs. This includes training and consulting on research methodologies, statistical procedures, and related tools (e.g., Excel, SPSS, Tableau, Campus Labs suite) and effective pedagogy in these areas for faculty, staff, and tutors. Target audiences include faculty, staff and tutors associated with the Title III STEM grant.
In support of the Director of Educational Effectiveness, help identify and implement refinements in training and development approaches over time based on previous assessments and evolving needs
Help provide consulting services and thought leadership on assessment practices to all parts of the campus community
Assessment Resource Hub

In support of the Director of Educational Effectiveness, help develop and maintain a web-based resource center where internal constituents can access multi-media resources for enhancing their knowledge of assessment practices
Keep abreast of best practices and trends in the assessment field. This includes the What Works Clearinghouse of best practices and WRD best practice memos.
In support of the Director of Educational Effectiveness, help serve as ongoing curator of external resources, making the most relevant and useful available via web and other platforms
Help develop and maintain a database of assessment projects across campus so that the Educational Effectiveness Office can serve as a clearinghouse for such efforts and ensure better coordination and cumulative learning across projects
Program Review Process Support

In support of the Director of Educational Effectiveness, help enhance and oversee the Program Review Process to ensure timely, high-quality, consistent studies that promote a culture of continuous improvement in student learning outcomes.
Help provide consulting expertise to Department / Program Chairs and decentralized assessment coordinators to ensure that Program Reviews (PRs) meet quality standards
Assessment Infrastructure Planning

Help evaluate and customize technology infrastructure supporting assessment efforts such as Campus Labs’ Assessment Module
Help train users in effective use of such technologies in support of quality assessment
Assessment Staff Management & Development

Recruit, supervise, coach and develop interns in the Educational Effectiveness Office to promote their flourishing and the efficient fulfillment of the office’s goals
Help foster a learning community among the network of decentralized assessment staff. This includes assisting with their training and development and facilitating the sharing of internal best practices
Other duties as assigned


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