Research Nurse

Johns Hopkins University

East Baltimore, MD

ID: 7066220
Posted: May 13, 2020
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

General Summary/Purpose:
Responsible for the implementation and conduct of clinical trials for the NIH-funded AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) and HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN). This position is based at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Responsibilities at JHMI will include recruiting, enrolling and following participants, ranging from healthy non HIV infected participants, healthy asymptomatic HIV-infected individuals to those with end-stage AIDS. The position will also involve participation in the ACTG and HPTN at a national level through involvement on protocol teams and/or ACTG/HPTN committees, as well as a role in the community providing HIV-related education. This position will work closely with the Senior Research Program Manager.

The Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

General Research Aspects:

Recruit, screen and enroll eligible patients into clinical protocols. Explain the protocol in detail and obtain informed consent from potential patient in accordance with the Joint Committee on Clinical Investigation which operates in compliance with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Health and Human Services Title 45 Part 46 as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and good clinical practice standards. Collect necessary data through patient interviews including, but not limited to, past medical history, present illness, social history, family history, medication history. Coordinate and document all aspects of patient care (including telephone contact with patient, or friends/family of the patient; conversations with the research team and all medical providers who participate in the patients care, etc.) to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach to the patients treatment. Transcribe data completely and accurately to the case report forms for data entry to the database. Coordinate laboratory specimen processing and handling with appropriate lab supervisors. Participate in local quality control procedures of data through daily interactions with the quality assurance coordinators of the data management team. Maintain confidential records of participants according to FDA and NIH regulations. Assist in maintenance of statistics of patient status. Other duties as assigned.

General Nursing Aspects:

Perform phlebotomy, vital signs, throat cultures, and other procedures within the scope of the Nurse Practice Act as needed, and as directed by specific protocols. Initiates laboratory tests as defined within the scope of the protocols. Manage laboratory abnormalities and adverse experiences as directed by the protocols, and when appropriate, notify the primary care provider, as well as both the Principal Investigator and Senior Research Program Manager of the research unit immediately.

Perform physical assessments of study patients as needed during visits, with appropriate triage and referral to primary medical providers and/or subspecialty care providers. Monitor the ACTU 24 hour beeper used for panic results from labs as well as for patients with questions on a rotating basis with other licensed clinical staff. Completes in a timely fashion and provides to the office of nursing accreditation and the unit manager the required documentation for continued nursing licensure accreditation and annual reviews required for practice within the organization. Other duties as assigned.

Protocol Team Leader:

Implement protocols as assigned by becoming familiar with all aspects of their conduct. Orient other key staff to protocols by organizing and coordinating training sessions. Ensure adequacy of supplies needed for specific protocols. Act as resource for back-up staff assisting with protocol. Develop recruitment strategy including outreach fliers and posters. Represent protocol at staff meetings, community meetings, service meetings, etc. as assigned. Assist data management team with resolution of data inconsistencies. Maintain protocol statistics, including patient status, recruitment logs and enrollment logs. Other duties as assigned.

Expanded Research Aspects:

ontribute to the protocol development process as the Field Representative on protocol teams. Represent the Johns Hopkins Adult ACTU as a leader and/or member on national committees within the ACTG. Conduct special independent research projects as the opportunity arises. Other duties as assigned.

Education Aspects:

Present information relevant to HIV and/or clinical trials to healthcare facilities, community groups, schools, etc. Participate on boards and committees of organizations relevant to HIV. Educate other healthcare professionals through leading seminars, contributing written material to widely-used resources such as the Hemophilia Nursing Handbook, and presenting poster abstracts.


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