Education and Outreach Coordinator

New Mexico Highlands University

Cambridge , NM

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Posted: August 11, 2020
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Job Description

Position Summary
The position is responsible for supporting NMFWRI’s mission to build state-wide capacity for ecological monitoring and restoration activities on public and private lands throughout New Mexico. This position will develop programming and conduct community and school outreach to raise awareness within the general public about the importance of monitoring and other NMFWRI activities, and the opportunities for work in the restoration monitoring field. In addition, this position will support NMFWRI’s continued effort to provide technical assistance to support monitoring for NGOs, state agencies, and local landowner groups. There will be work with monitoring staff to provide capacity-building training for crews throughout the state in ecological monitoring, as well as related topics such as the use of GIS technology and general ecology. The coordinator will also produce, curate, and deliver materials designed to increase awareness of and knowledge about the work of the NMFWRI statewide.

Duties and Responsibilities
General Education & Outreach
• This portion of the position will require collaboration and coordination with the other NMFWRI staff (for content development and presentation) as well with local groups and potentially interested parties. The Education and Outreach coordinator is not expected to be an expert on all topics, but is expected to have curiosity, enthusiasm, and a solid understanding of the material they are presenting.
• Take the lead on developing education and outreach programming and materials (e.g. presentations, working models, handouts, news bulletins, working papers, mini-science experiments, demonstrations, etc) covering topics such as ecology, the function of restoration work, monitoring, and other work done at NMFWRI. This programming will need to be available in formats accessible by youth, the general public, as well as land managers/collaborative groups.
• Present education and outreach programming at appropriate venues, for instance, exhibit booths at community, STEM, and career fairs, local schools, local conferences, meetings, etc. Coordinate with other groups doing similar work (e.g. Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge).
• Build interest, awareness, curiosity, understanding, and appreciation among youth and the general public about the environment, local ecology, natural cycles, restoration work such as thinning, erosion control structures, prescribed fire, etc., monitoring methods including on-the-ground data collection and GIS/remote sensing, and in particular, about the importance of collecting and using monitoring data for making management decisions.
• Curate, maintain and make accessible to the general public a resource collection or “library” (digital or otherwise) of education and outreach materials, activities, etc. This will include organizing, sharing NMFWRI’s collection of reports, white papers, etc. and may include assisting FWRI staff in preparing these documents.
• Support NMFWRI’s mission by developing our social media presence. Assist NMFWRI staff with website content development and maintenance.

Monitoring Technical Support
• This portion of the position will require close coordination and work with all NMFWRI staff, particularly monitoring program and GIS program staff. NMFWRI monitoring program staff not only collect on-the-ground data but also provide hands-on training opportunities for NMHU students and recent graduates. We believe our mission is to provide not only in-field experiences and quality data collection and analysis on projects, but also to provide training to interested crews across the state. We have always conducted trainings on a small scale, but are looking to increase our capacity to do so. We believe this is a key part of supporting a sustainable restoration-based economy within the state.
• The Coordinator will need to coordinate, organize, and help conduct capacity-building training in forest and watershed ecological monitoring, GIS technology (e.g. use of drones and LiDAR), data management, and analysis methods among interested groups across the state. The Education and Outreach Coordinator is not expected to be able to answer every possible technical question that may arise. Intensive or in-depth trainings beyond the expertise of the Education and Outreach Coordinator will be conducted in collaboration with the NMFWRI GIS and Monitoring staff. The goal is to support self-sufficient, locally organized monitoring crews able to conduct and collaborate with standardized monitoring protocols.
• Coordinate with the Ecological Monitoring Specialist to facilitate the sharing of data collected by NMFWRI-trained crews with NMFWRI, in order to build NMFWRI’s state-wide monitoring databases and contribute to the ability for state-wide use of the adaptive management decision-making model.
• Assist NMFWRI staff in development and publication of training guides, manuals, and other technical support materials. This also includes NMFWRI’s social media presence.
• Maintain regular attendance and excellent communication.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Job Requirements
• EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in a natural resource field
• EXPERIENCE: Familiarity with ecology and restoration
• EXPERIENCE: At least 3 years of experience in education and outreach work
• EXPERIENCE: management of a social media presence

Preferred Qualifications
• EDUCATION: M.S. in a natural resource field, with coursework including collaboration, anthropology, society and environment interactions, and related topics.
• EXPERIENCE: experience in conservation – related education
• EXPERIENCE: managing a professional website and social media sites, as well as leading educational programs via videoconferencing
• Spanish language skills

Special Conditions for Eligibility
• Must have and maintain a valid New Mexico Driver’s License.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Familiarity with forest and ecological measurement and techniques
• Knowledge of basic forestry and ecological science concepts.
• Experience with social media and the use of technology in communicating and presenting ideas
• Willingness to ask if something isn’t known; strong aversion to sharing inaccurate, incomplete, or unsupportable information
• Experience working with the public including a variety of groups and stakeholders.
• Ability to communicate information at various levels of technical detail in a clear and engaging manner.
• Creativity (particularly in developing programming).
• Enthusiasm for monitoring, restoration, and working with the public.
• Excellent teamwork (ability to work as a member of team with diverse skills and backgrounds), general positive attitude, and excellent communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively orally (in person or using video or telephone) and in written form.
• Effective time management and ability to achieve goals, maintain motivation, and independently undertake tasks with minimum of direct supervision.

Physical Demands
• Sitting Frequently
• Standing Frequently
• Walking (cross country) Occasionally
• Bending Occasionally
• Squatting Occasionally
• Climbing (difficult terrain) Occasionally
• Kneeling Occasionally


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