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University of Idaho

Boise, ID

ID: 7069542
Posted: September 7, 2020
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Job Description

Position Summary
The IT Analyst is the primary technology resource for the Boise Idaho Water Center and surrounding University of Idaho offices. On a day to day basis, this person will ensure that Audio Visual and Video Conferencing equipment operates so that classes run smoothly. They will also provide technical support for faculty, staff and students for PC hardware, software, printing, telephone, and networking issues. They will be the primary support for technology infrastructure for the building, such as wiring, networks, wireless, phones, etc.

On a project basis, they will need to be able to design, install and configure mission critical technical systems and infrastructure. This includes phones, laptop PC’s, tablets, servers, building wiring, electronic signage, classroom audio/visual equipment, and video conference units. They also need to provide the Boise Center administration with technical advice on technology purchases and policy.

Job Duty Function Support and maintain Boise information technologies in accordance with University and UIB standards by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
a. Providing reliable and effective support for computing systems and server technologies. This would include but not be limited to installing, testing, and supporting all U of I licensed software including Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple products. Other tools include network management, service access management, and video conferencing software. Other software support may be required as special circumstances require.
b. Performing network management tasks for the UIB portion of the U of I network. This includes: use of the Network Management System to create and update MAC entries, work with NetTeam to install and configure network switches, analyze, modify or create ACL’s and firewall rules.
c. Working with vendors on building cable and wiring installation and maintenance for networks, classroom AV and VC systems, electronic signage and phones.
d. Installing, configuring and administering Windows Server based systems. Backing up and restoring systems and servers on a regular schedule or as required.
e. Operation and system management of the building security system for the Idaho Water Center. Support access and time schedules for U of I operations, other building tenants and building maintenance and security vendor.
f. System administration for user based systems both locally and in the cloud.

Job Duty Function Provide technical support to UIB staff as well as faculty, staff and students of various other Boise-based units that have agreements in place with the University by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
a. Ensuring staff and faculty computers, peripherals, networks and software applications are in working condition. This would include but not be limited to: specifying, ordering, building, imaging, diagnosing and repairing systems.
b. Backing up and restoring computer systems as required.
c. Implementing and monitoring desktop security standards.
d. Providing consultation to faculty and staff on computer security issues such as: anti-virus software, malware, phishing and best security practices for computing, email and web use.
e. Providing positive customer service communication with faculty, staff and students.
f. Creating and managing users and groups on both local systems, active directory, and the network VPN access.
g. Creating and managing user device records using network management services.
h. Specifying, purchasing, installing, configuring and troubleshooting problems with scanners and printers, both locally and on the network.
i. Analyzing and diagnosing computer hardware and software problems for users.
j. Assessing requirements of users and the unit in general, identify and analyze technical options, and make recommendation to individuals and to the administration for technology purchases and policy.
k. Documenting and maintaining end user documentation for hardware and software used.
l. Developing hardware independent OS images to be applied to new computer purchases that include all University licensed operating system and business software. These images are used to facilitate a consistent user experience and increase efficiencies while reducing support costs and develop best practices for all UIB users.
m. Providing off site support to university offices on a variety of program specific software, both in person and using remote access tools.
n. Utilizing IT enterprise management solutions to deploy, analyze, report, and maintain technologies to increase efficiencies while reducing support costs.
o. Working with vendors to resolve complex technical issues.

Job Duty Function Design, build and support all UIB classroom technologies by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
a. Ensuring classroom computer systems, peripherals and networks are in working condition and updated to current UI security standards. This would include but not be limited to designing an audio-visual solution for the classroom based on set usage specifications. Purchasing components, building, configuring, diagnosing and repairing classroom PC systems. This includes all programming, configuring, operating, updating, troubleshooting and maintenance audio visual and videoconferencing equipment.
b. Documenting and maintaining room audio visual designs showing all equipment and connections used.
c. Monitoring the status of classroom multimedia equipment; performing preventative maintenance, repairs and upgrades to multimedia equipment and computers; testing updates/upgrades prior to installation; and evaluating multimedia equipment to determine its suitability for use in classroom instruction.
d. Ensuring U of I local and video conferencing events are trouble free. Start classes and events and instruct users on equipment use.
e. Installing multimedia equipment by reading and interpreting equipment and electronic specifications, manuals, and wiring diagrams; running cables through walls, ceiling and conduit; terminating cables; hanging and mounting equipment from walls and/or ceilings using a variety of hand and/or power tools; assuring equipment is alarmed and properly secured; climbing and working from ladders, modifying equipment to work with control systems; configuring network parameters for control systems and computers; writing batch files and scripts for classroom computers to automate processes; and uploading program code to control systems.
f. Actively participating in staff meetings; exchanging ideas and information with other team members to improve systems and processes; being familiar with institution security policies, procedures and safety regulations that help ensure classroom systems are secure, reliable, and stable.
g. Troubleshooting audio visual and video conferencing problems in real time to minimize disruption to classes and meetings. Coordinating with other ITS support personnel at varying locations to resolve issues between sites during video conferencing events.
h. Performing video recording and editing for classes and events.
i. Training in the use of all classroom technologies including but not limited to hardware, software, video conferencing, audio visual equipment.

Job Duty Function Provide asset management and accounting for all technology devices at the Boise locations.
Job Duties/Responsibilities
a. Proper disposing of all electronic waste and destruction of storage devices that include University data.
b. Provide inventory tags to University personnel for various classified assets.
c. Maintain annual inventory processes for compliance with University policies.
d. Collect salvage for destruction or e-waste disposal.
e. Removed all data storage devices for appropriate destruction based on University policy and FERPA regulations.
f. Coordinate pick up of e-waste with approved local recycling businesses.


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