Landscape Maintenance Technician

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID

ID: 7072193
Posted: November 16, 2020
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Position Summary
Under general supervision of the Campus Landscape Supervisor, the incumbent of this position performs daily detailed technical levels of green space and hardscape maintenance to ensure a high quality of landscape care within an assigned area of the campus landscape. The incumbent observes and promotes safe work practices and procedures and follows professional landscape maintenance standards, while safely and competently operating and performing basic maintenance on vehicles, tools, and equipment such as lawn mowers, trucks, power leaf rakes, tractors, forklifts, skid-steer loaders, tillers, shovels, wheelbarrows, string trimmers, aerators, saws, pruning devices, chainsaws, rakes and irrigations systems. Specific responsibilities include: maintaining safe, healthy and attractive shrubs, vines, and trees up to twenty feet; maintaining safe, healthy and attractive turf on lawns, recreation and athletic fields; maintaining clean, safe and attractive hardscapes; maintaining safe, healthy and attractive flowering, herbaceous and woody planting beds; supporting the facilities Snow and Ice Removal program; applying pesticides to landscape areas, and maintaining a pesticide applicator’s license; contributing to the team effort.

This is an essential position that will be called upon in the event of an emergency and/or University Closure.

Job Duty Function Maintains safe, healthy and attractive shrubs vines and trees up to twenty feet by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
- Identifying, pruning and watering plants.
- Evaluating plant and turf nutritional requirements, and providing proper materials and procedures such as fertilization, composting, etc., to keep plants and turf at optimal growth standards with available resources.
- Performing routine plant evaluations for signs of insect and disease.
- Applying prescribed Integrated Plant Health practices, chemical applications and fertilizers.
- Performing routine irrigation system checks to assure systems are operating properly, and report any problems/leaks/malfunctions to the UES Irrigation System Techs for repairs.
- Maintaining appropriate records.

Job Duty Function Maintains safe, healthy, and attractive turf on lawns, recreation, and athletic fields by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
-Mowing, edging, aerating, dethatching and patching turf; performing irrigation and routine irrigation system checks.
-Trimming, seeding and sod laying; installing temporary fences, barriers or signage.
-Performing routine site evaluations for turf damage caused by stress, insects or disease.
-Seasonally removing leaves and cleaning up turf.
-Applying prescribed Integrated Plant Health practices, chemical applications and fertilizers.
-Maintaining appropriate records.

Job Duty Function Maintains clean, safe, and attractive hardscapes by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
-Cleaning building entryways; emptying trash receptacles regularly.
-Performing periodic and routine litter and debris patrols.
-Sweeping, cleaning, and washing hardscape areas as needed.
-Keeping hardscape areas clear and sanded for safety in winter months.
-Clearing debris from storm drains.
-Performing site evaluations for hardscape cracking, shifting, breaking or any other potential safety hazards and reporting them to supervisor.

Job Duty Function Maintains safe, healthy, and attractive flowering, herbaceous, and woody planting beds by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
-Weeding, pruning, edging, mulching, watering, planting and cleaning up planting beds.
-Performing routine site evaluations for plant damage caused by stress, insects and disease.
-Performing seasonal leaf and plant removal and bed cleanup.
-Applying prescribed Integrated Plant Health practices, chemical applications and fertilizers; and maintaining appropriate records.

Job Duty Function Supports the facilities snow and ice removal program by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
-being available for on-call snow and ice clearance duties 24 hours a day during the winter season.
-being assigned to a snow removal team for snow clearance and de-icing work.
-operating various snow equipment as needed and for which you are trained.
-being available to work weekends for snow and ice removal during scheduled events
-having availability to be reached by phone for on-call duties; and having a dependable means of transportation for getting to the work site.

Job Duty Function Contributes to the team effort and meet University of Idaho safety initiative by:
Job Duties/Responsibilities
-Supervising seasonal and support staff as assigned and using good communication and human relation skills with staff, students and the public.
-Following all maintenance, routine repair and service guidelines for tools and equipment according to the LES Preventative Maintenance schedule.
-Notifying mechanics about problems concerning operation or safety of vehicles and/or equipment and assisting mechanics as directed.
-Assisting other LES technical staff with specialized work such as tree and shrub planting, proper grade work, renovation work, landscape construction projects, sports field maintenance or ground work with large tree pruning and removal projects.
-Maintaining landscape skills and abilities by attending meetings and training sessions.
-Providing input to supervisors concerning landscape impacts from construction, events and new landscape designs; contributing positively to team morale.
-Accomplishing related results as assigned.
-Ensuring compliance with all safety policies, procedures, and work practices established by the University;
-avoiding any activity that creates or constitutes a serious hazard to yourself or others while working for the university;
-immediately bringing any concern to your supervisor, or others designated by departmental/divisional procedures, if any employee believes that performing an assigned work task or activity may pose a serious risk to life or health;
-ensuring that employees reporting to you are adequately trained, equipped, monitored, evaluated, and guided as appropriate to comply with established safety policies, standards, and procedures;

Required Qualifications
- High School Degree or GED.

- Due to the duties if this position, candidates are required to be at least 18yrs of age.

- Combination of education and experience totaling 3 years experience relating to commercial/institutional landscape care.

- Broad experience with: general standards involving current landscape maintenance techniques; woody and herbaceous plant care; currently accepted pruning standards; and related safety practices.

- Experience with irrigation system maintenance, operation, and minor repairs.

- Must possess a Commercial Pesticide Applicators Certification for the category of Ornamental/Landscape Herbicide Application or have the ability to obtain certification within the first six months of employment.

- 2 years of experience competently, safely, and effectively operating and maintaining landscape equipment and hand and power tools associated with landscape maintenance; performing mechanical repair and maintenance on landscape equipment; reading landscape chemical directions and labels; and mixing and applying landscape chemicals safely, competently and effectively.

- Experience using a computer and various types of software for emails; internet research, etc.

- Must possess: a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and be able to meet policy requirements for driving University vehicles.

- Experience working in a team environment.

Preferred Qualifications
- Associates Degree or BS in Horticulture; Urban Forestry; Landscape Maintenance; or any related field. 2-4 years additional experience in commercial or institutional landscape care operations.

- Certification in operation of a variety of landscape equipment which could include: forklifts; tractors; aerial lifts; etc.

- Ability to climb and work at various heights above ground using ladders, scaffolding or lift and bucket trucks.

- Good knowledge or powered sprayers/pumps.

Physical Requirements & Working Conditions
- Ability to lift, carry and/or otherwise move up to 60 pounds in a routine, repetitive manner as needed.

- Ability to bend, stoop, crawl, twist, dig, climb, and walk on a routine basis throughout the work day.

- Ability to work routinely on uneven and slick surfaces.

- Occasional confined space situations.

- Must be able to safely and competently climb ladders of various heights on a routine basis.

- Must be willing to be contacted outside of normal business hours for an event, on-call or emergency work.

- 95% Outdoor work in inclement weather conditions year round. 5% Shop, training, and other indoor tasks as needed.

- Must be able to work in adverse weather and environmental conditions, such as rain, snow, dust, vapors, etc.

- During seasonal snow removal, extended work shifts and additional night shifts are required.
Must work safely in high traffic/congested pedestrian areas.

- Must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while operating and working around various landscape equipment and performing landscape duties.

- Must possess: a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and be able to meet policy requirements for driving University vehicles.

Degree Requirement Listed degree qualification is required at time of application.


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