Biomedical Lab Specialist

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lowell, MA

ID: 7072534
Posted: November 24, 2020
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

General Summary of Position:

The Biomedical Laboratory Specialist participates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of educational programming in the biomedical laboratories. In addition, S/he will be part of a four-person team working under a shared leadership model and will be expected to take a leadership role in her/his areas of expertise. The primary role of this group is to support the Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences department through teaching and preparation of any undergraduate and graduate laboratory courses in the Department, operating and maintaining a variety of bioanalytical instruments, preparing and maintaining laboratory protocols, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and training materials used in teaching. The successful applicant will oversee and ensure the implementation and maintenance of safety standards for all teaching laboratories. S/he will work closely with the BNS Department Chair and Associate Chair and the various laboratory course coordinators to assist with teaching and any other departmental initiatives.

1. Teaching within the BNS academic program:
• Develop and deliver teaching materials, including course syllabi, learning objectives, and laboratory experiments, as well as administering and grading assessments, both practical and written;
• Provide proper orientation and instruction on the use of laboratory facilities, resources, and equipment, including safety procedures, to all students in all courses taught;
• Plan, discuss, and implement teaching/learning strategies and curricula in collaboration with department faculty;
• Advise/counsel a diverse population of students enrolled in any courses taught, both at large and one-on-one, in support of the core concepts of the degree programs;
• Develop laboratory instructional resource materials;
• Provide orientation to faculty about the laboratory/resources;
• Collaborate with faculty in planning, developing and implementing teaching/learning strategies and curricula;
• Assist with and representing the BNS at transfer and registration activities for incoming and transfer students when needed as well as all other recruitment events when necessary;
• Participate in meetings, activities and committees as needed.

1. Direct Biomedical Laboratory activities:
• Orient faculty and students to the use of biomedical laboratory equipment and the biomedical lab environment
• Coordinate and teach lab sessions and create enhancements to the labs
• Supervise and instruct students and faculty in the use of complex equipment and apparatus
• Interpret laboratory instructions and/or equipment manuals for faculty and students
• Review and revise laboratory protocols and manuals, and instrument procedures; maintain and update Biomedical Lab Resource Manual
• Updating Biomedical Lab Policies
• Maintain a list of preferred vendors for lab supplies, repairs and preventative maintenance; interact with them on purchases
• Oversee inventory and maintenance schedule of all laboratory instruments within the department
• Install, operate, perform preventative maintenance and repair departmental equipment and apparatuses
• Maintain an inventory and adequate supply of reagents, equipment and consumables to ensure proper execution of instructional laboratory courses
• Prepare media, stock cultures, and chemical solutions
• Troubleshoot experiments for teaching laboratories
• Hire, train, and supervise work-study students and part-time laboratory aides in all aspects of laboratory support
• Work with facilities and EHS to ensure healthy laboratory environment

3. Leadership:
• Serve as a member of the biomedical laboratory specialists’ team in a shared leadership model
• Serve on the Chair’s BNS Leadership Team on a rotating basis
• Provide leadership to the BLS team in specialty areas
• Work with the department office on budgets for laboratory equipment and supply needs each semester
• Recommend purchases for capital and other laboratory needs
• Mentor faculty in biomedical laboratory instruction strategies
• Assess and apply for grant opportunities to maintain cutting edge technologies in laboratory along with Chair and faculty

4. Provide for a safe laboratory environment:
• Manage biohazard and chemical hazardous materials in accordance to federal, state, local, and university regulations
• Follow prescribed blood-borne pathogens safety precautions, university, and department rules and regulations
• Participate in the development, recommendation, and implementation of laboratory/resource facility policies, programs, practices, and procedures as they pertain to laboratory safety
• Write, revise, and review standard operating procedures (SOPs) to educate faculty, staff, and students in the proper handling, use, and disposal of biohazardous and chemical agents according to regulations, including the proper operation of associated equipment
• Act as liaison between the BNS Department and the UML Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office
• Track and report lab-specific training for all BNS faculty, staff, and students each semester.

5. Provide support in the achievement of BNS goals:
• Provide information from comparable educational institutions and vendors for continued laboratory and simulation development
• Attend training opportunities to ensure skills remain current and department needs for cutting edge technology and teaching methods are met
• Initiate recommendations for additional resources and change according to department needs
• Participation in the hiring and selection of additional staff and/or students who will assist in the lab including ongoing recruitment, interviewing, and hiring recommendations for work study students or other staff
• Plan, arrange, and supervise work of assigned lab staff/students for most effective use in meeting BNS goals
• Participate in development, recommendation, implementation of academic baccalaureate and graduate curriculum policies/ procedures and resolution of current issues
• Compile and develop the appropriate documentation for courses per university policies
• Evaluate effectiveness of laboratory/facility activities in relation to college/department curricula and advise changes as appropriate


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