Assistant Professor, Mathematics (Internal Only)

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake City, UT

ID: 7077561
Posted: April 22, 2021
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Job Summary
Salt Lake Community College looks out on the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. The cities and surrounding area offer year round recreation from alpine skiing to desert mountain biking. Salt Lake City also has a plethora of sporting events, history, arts and entertainment. Salt Lake Community College seeks to attract an active, culturally and academically diverse faculty of the highest caliber, skilled in the scholarship of teaching, discovery, application, and integration of knowledge. The successful applicant will join a vital and innovative department, as its members are reflective practitioners and knowledgeable teachers in their respective fields. Faculty members actively serve our students in successfully obtaining the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their careers and future studies.

Under general supervision, this faculty would teach, assess, and engage students in learning using current high-impact practices. Additionally, this faculty would assist the department to create an inclusive curriculum and assessment practices.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties
Effectively facilitate a diverse and inclusive learning environment of SLCC mathematics students by using appropriate high-impact practices and teaching techniques including delivering lectures, leading discussions, and facilitating student projects.
Develop, revise, distribute and adhere to current course outlines, instructional materials
and/or syllabi.
Assess and maintain student performance records.
Prepare inclusive course materials and assessments to improve course access and inclusiveness.
Deliver professional development on inclusive practices in the classroom, curriculum, and assessment to math faculty.
Assess and maintain records of student performance.
Demonstrate and support a professional commitment to Department, School, and College
mission and values.
Maintain a supportive attitude toward work, students, colleagues, and administration.
Serve on Department, Division and/or College committees as needed to assist in policy development, curriculum development, procedures, or other matters that benefit the Department, Division, or College. Attend regularly scheduled meetings and workshops.
Adhere to college policy as it pertains to maintaining regularly scheduled office/consultation hours.
Other duties as assigned.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties Continued
Essential Job Duties
a. Become familiar with, and abide by, all college policies with immediate priority given to those
policies that govern interactions with colleagues, staff, administrators, and departments
throughout the organization.
b. Maintain professional etiquette in communications with students, staff, faculty, and administrators.
c. Work closely with department peers and administrators to understand processes and
procedures that lead to becoming a successful teacher and contributing member of the
academic unit.

a. Creates an effective, supportive learning environment for students regardless of the delivery method.
b. Teaches courses consistent with department procedures, appropriate Course Curriculum Outline
(CCO), and catalog description.
c. Provides each student with a syllabus (paper or online) at the first class meeting
that complies with department procedure and the CCO.
d. Teaches assigned classes at the scheduled time and place and meets during required contact hours.
e. Demonstrates the incorporation of active and applied learning in courses taught
(hands-on and engaged activities).
f. Provides appropriate and timely feedback for all assignments.
g. Promotes the development of critical thinking among students.
h. Actively participates in the update and production of new curriculum development and
related activities as a contributing team member of the program area, department, campus,
college, and state.
i. Maintains and posts teaching schedule. Maintains significant campus presence to respond
to instruction and daily needs of students, departments, college, and community. Meets
with students outside of class—a minimum of 5 hours/week in person or on-line.
j. Is available to teach courses at times directed by the academic needs of the program
and availability of staffing pool. The department recommends final teaching
assignments with the final decision by the Academic Administrator.
k. Returns graded assignments in a timely fashion per department standards.
l. Consistently improve course quality, design and course integrity through participation in the
college-wide assessment of student learning.
m. Maintains student attendance records (for Financial Aid purposes) and grades.
n. Conducts a variety of appropriate evaluations of student performance. Informs students of
progress to date periodically and assigns and submits grades by published deadlines.
o. Assists in maintaining a safe and mutually respectful instructional environment. Prepares and
submits incident reports to the Dean of Student Services for inappropriate student behavior as
defined by the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy.
p. Uses appropriate resources and technology in the delivery of courses.
q. Collaborates with colleagues for instructional improvement.
r. Maintains professional and collegial behavior.
s. Coordinates and supervises internships and clinical experiences for students as assigned.
t. Responds to voicemail and email communication promptly (generally within 1-2 contract days).
u. Meets deadlines.
v. Maintains professional appearance as defined by the discipline and/or Collegeprocedure.
w. Partners with the college to provide innovation to improve the learning environment.
x. Promotes support for the mission, vision, values, and goals of the College by
incorporating culturally- competent pedagogy and inclusivity practices.

Professional Activity
a. Maintains necessary educational credentials, professional skills, and
demonstrated teaching competencies consistent with department standards.
b. Solicits feedback and implements suggestions from students and peers when appropriate.
c. Expands knowledge in discipline and teaching craft on an ongoing basis.
d. Promotes the professional development of peers/colleagues through recognized professional
activities (in-service activities and the presentation of conference papers and/or publications,
and other methodologies appropriate to the teaching field), as approved by departments.
e. Participates in the collegial mentoring relationship, serving as a mentor and/or mentee
in the department and college.
f. Engages in local, state, and/or national professional organizations appropriate to the faculty role.
g. Serves community partners as content area experts when needed.
h. Completes required training and participates in professional development.

Service to the College
a. Provides service to the institution through appropriate participation in academic and
campus committee assignments; offers adequate service on at least one department,
school, or college-wide committee.
b. Promotes, models and exhibits the College Values with colleagues, students,
and community stakeholders.
c. Responds to discussions and requests for department work in a timely manner (e.g.
answers email, completes task assignments, etc.)
d. Mentors new faculty as assigned.
e. Serves on tenure sitting committees for department colleagues when appropriate.
f. Knows and enforces FERPA guidelines and other pertinent federal regulations.
g. Assists in maintaining a safe and secure campus environment.
h. Reviews and recommends program textbooks and/or materials.
i. Attends Convocation, Professional Development Day, Commencement, and other
institutional meetings (e.g. department meetings).
j. Handles/responds to student concerns/complaints.
k. Assumes an active role in the student advising process, formal and/or informal, per
departmental guidelines.
l. Meets with and updates the counseling office; updates and maintains advising
materials per departmental guidelines.
m. Develops and/or participates in student recruitment and retention strategies. (Career and
Majors Fair, Pathways to Professions, informal outreach, etc.)
n. Assists with the assessment of credit for prior learning as needed.
o. Participates in the formulation and implementation of department initiatives.
p. Evaluates and revises program offerings/materials on an ongoing basis and develops new
curricula as needed.
q. Participates in strategic planning and monitors the institutional effectiveness and
accountability process.
r. Provides leadership and instructional integrity through classroom observation,
mentoring, and evaluation of part-time employees or serving on tenure sitting committees
as needed. Participates in state-level issues as requested.
s. Reports maintenances issues for classrooms and equipment to appropriate authorities.
t. Maintains inventory, if appropriate, of equipment, tools, supplies, and storage/disposal
of hazardous materials required for classes, and request appropriate equipment repair.
u. Actively participates in the informed budget process.
v. Identifies budgetary needs and priorities within the program as applicable.

Preferred Qualifications
1. Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in mathematics with math education professional activity.
2.Experience with assessment and curricular design.
3. Experience with national trends in mathematics retention and completion initiatives.
4. Bilingual in Spanish

Minimum Qualifications
1. Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in mathematics education or related field.
2. Two years of teaching experience at a community college.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Knowledge and experience in pedagogy differences for teaching face-to-face, broadcast (virtual/synchronous), and online deliveries.
Work with students on level-appropriate real-world activities in developmental math through Quantitative Literacy mathematics.
Know the best practices for adult math learners.
Knowledge of online math homework software and Canvas Learning Management Systems.
Ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of diverse people, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and abilities, to maintain good working relationships across the College.
The ability to work with all groups in a diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic background of community college students, faculty, and staff.


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