Postdoctoral Appointee - Carbon Nanotube Fiber Materials

Sandia National Laboratories

Albuquerque, NM

ID: 7081389 (Ref.No. 677319)
Posted: July 21, 2021

Job Description

This posting will be open for application submissions for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days, including the ‘posting date’. Sandia reserves the right to extend the posting date at any time. : Our team is seeking a results oriented Postdoctoral Appointee to conduct research using a novel laser annealing method and applying it to improve the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of materials such as commercially-available carbon-nanotube (CNT) fibers. Be part of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers. You may: + Use a high-power pulsed laser system to study/develop novel annealing methods to improve the microstructural, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of CNT fibers + Fundamentally understand relevant structure-property relationships + Study and develop applications involving the electronic and/or thermal properties of CNT fibers, ranging from high-current density wires to thermally-conductive composites + Engage in other materials-related projects that may arise over time, such as other laser-annealing applications, pulsed-laser deposition film growth, and growth and characterization of CNT arrays for thermal cooling and/or field emission applications Functions of this job include + Performing original studies correlating controlled material structures with desired properties (e.g. thermal, electronic, mechanical) + Engaging in laboratory activities related to the synthesis, post-processing, and structural characterizations of nanomaterials and novel material systems + Demonstrating leadership and self-motivation within a collaborative team environment + Publishing findings in leading journals and presenting at scientific conferences

+ You have, or are pursuing, a PhD in materials science, physics, applied physics, mechanical engineering, or a related field and possess a bachelor's in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). + Experience with high vacuum systems + Experience in materials growth and characterization + Record of original work, e.g. conference presentations/publications in refereed journals + Able to acquire and maintain a DOE Q-Level security clearance

+ Experience using excimer lasers + Experience with various post-deposition processes such as thermal annealing, ion beam milling, fabricating electrical and thermal contacts for transport measurements, etc. + Experience making electronic and/or thermal transport measurements. + Experience making mechanical measurements, such as tensile stress, modulus, etc. + Experience performing and/or interpreting structural measurements (e.g. electron microscopies, Raman spectroscopy) + Ability to develop and maintain collaboration with leaders in the scientific community within and outside of Sandia National Laboratories + Curiosity about the world and a strong interest in connecting one's research to the larger context of science, society, and national security + A record of academic achievement as proven by high GPAs for relevant undergraduate degree(s) and graduate degree(s) + Effective communication and interpersonal skills that build effective scientific collaborations with a diverse population of researchers + Candidates should also have proven creative problem solving and effective time management skills

Department Description:

The Nanoscale Sciences Department conducts collaborative leading-edge research that advances the understanding of materials at the nanoscale and enables the collaborative development of creative solutions for Sandia's broad and evolving National Security and Energy Missions. Our research activities have broad impact; and typically generate peer-reviewed, high-profile journal publications and presentations at professional scientific meetings. Our main research focus is directed along three thrusts:1. Electrochemical Materials Science and Applications (including energy storage and corrosion)2. Magnetic, Dielectric and Electronic Materials Science and Applications (including ferroics and composites)3. Nanostructured Materials Science and Applications (i.e., for hazardous materials capture/storage, sensing, membranes, water treatment, and catalysis). Our team is committed to nurturing an environment compatible with a broad group of people and perspectives in accordance with the changing makeup of the workforce. In support of this vision, our center actively recruits applicants from diverse groups of backgrounds and fosters an inclusive community. Join us and work towards your goals while making a difference!

About Sandia:

Sandia National Laboratories is the nation’s premier science and engineering lab for national security and technology innovation, with teams of specialists focused on cutting-edge work in a broad array of areas. Some of the main reasons we love our jobs:• Challenging work with amazing impact that contributes to security, peace, and freedom worldwide• Extraordinary co-workers• Some of the best tools, equipment, and research facilities in the world• Career advancement and enrichment opportunities• Flexible work arrangements for many positions include 9/80 (work 80 hours every two weeks, with every other Friday off) and 4/10 (work 4 ten-hour days each week) compressed workweeks, part-time work, and telecommuting (a mix of onsite work and working from home)• Generous vacations, strong medical and other benefits, competitive 401k, learning opportunities, relocation assistance and amenities aimed at creating a solid work/life balance* World-changing technologies. Life-changing careers. Learn more about Sandia at:*These benefits vary by job classification.

Security Clearance:

Sandia is required by DOE to conduct a pre-employment drug test and background review that includes checks of personal references, credit, law enforcement records, and employment/education verifications. Applicants for employment need to be able to obtain and maintain a DOE Q-level security clearance, which requires U.S. citizenship. If you hold more than one citizenship (i.e., of the U.S. and another country), your ability to obtain a security clearance may be impacted. Applicants offered employment with Sandia are subject to a federal background investigation to meet the requirements for access to classified information or matter if the duties of the position require a DOE security clearance. Substance abuse or illegal drug use, falsification of information, criminal activity, serious misconduct or other indicators of untrustworthiness can cause a clearance to be denied or terminated by DOE, resulting in the inability to perform the duties assigned and subsequent termination of employment.

EEO Statement:

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status and any other protected class under state or federal law. : This postdoctoral position is a temporary position for up to one year, which may be renewed at Sandia's discretion up to five additional years. The PhD must have been conferred within five years prior to employment. Individuals in postdoctoral positions may bid on regular Sandia positions as internal candidates, and in some cases may be converted to regular career positions during their term if warranted by ongoing operational needs, continuing availability of funds, and satisfactory job performance.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.