Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships

Saddleback College

Mission Viejo, CA

ID: 7084627 (Ref.No. P0019859)
Posted: September 2, 2021
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Summary Description:
Under the supervision of the President, the Director of Outreach & Strategic Partnerships (Director of OSP) plans, oversees and coordinates outreach and recruitment operations and pursues and generates partnerships with community agencies and other public and private entities to generate enrollment of new and returning students from diverse backgrounds and educational levels. 

Knowledge of:
Applicable District policies and local, State and federal laws, codes and regulations.
Basic risk management.
Budget preparation and administration.
Computer systems and software applications related to area of assignment, including capabilities and limitations.
CRM/SRM system implementation, management and training.
Correct English composition, grammar, spelling and vocabulary.
Development and coordination of community education programs offered by a community college.
District and College organization, operations and objectives. 
District and College policies and procedures.
Effective planning and scheduling.
Health and safety precautions and procedures. 
Interpersonal skills including tact, patience and diplomacy.
Methods and techniques of inventory control and record keeping.
Methods of planning, prioritizing, coordinating, organizing, scheduling, and supervising daily, administrative procedures and operations of community college programs.
Modern office practices, procedures, methods, and equipment.
Modern principles, practices, methods and techniques of administration.
Operation of computer, peripherals and software programs, including student information systems, database management, spreadsheet, word processing and specialized software.
Oral and written communication skills. Participatory governance.
Principles and practices of financial record keeping and reporting.
Principles and practices of training, supervision and performance evaluation. Statistical procedures and mathematical concepts.
Strategic planning and organizational skills.

Ability to:
Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations.
Collect, compile and analyze data.
Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively, both orally and in writing, with diverse constituencies within and outside of the District.
Encourage professional excellence among the staff and promote an organizational culture of customer service, innovation, and quality services.
Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Implement and evaluate the operations of services to students.
Interpret, apply and explain complex and technical State and federal laws and regulations related to assigned program(s).
Learn applicable local, State and federal laws and regulations related to area of assignment.
Learn College organization, operations and objectives. 
Learn District policies and procedures.
Learn and maintain current knowledge of Community Education, Emeritus Institute, Adult Education, and Outreach and Recruitment.
Learn the accreditation process.
Maintain records and prepare routine reports. 
Maintain the security of confidential materials.
Make effective decisions under demanding timelines.
Manage operations, schedules, and personnel on a day-to-day basis and in a manner that focuses on short and long-term goals.
Meet schedules and timelines. 
Negotiate contracts with vendors.
Operate a vehicle, observing legal and defensive driving practices.
 Operate computer and applications software, including database management, spreadsheet, word processing and software related to area of assignment.
Operate office equipment such as computer, printer, calculator, copier and facsimile machine.
Participate in a variety of College and District committees, task forces and work groups. 
Plan, schedule, organize, and implement multiple projects and programs.
Plan, organize, coordinate, implement and oversee a comprehensive office operation at a community college.
Prepare and administer budgets for assigned program areas. 
Prepare oral and written reports and recommendations.
Relate effectively to people of varied academic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds using tact, diplomacy and courtesy.
Respond to requests and inquiries from the public.
Select, train, lead, manage, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel.
Understand and effectively and collaboratively work in a complicated multi-college environment, as well as within a system of community college districts.
Work effectively with others to achieve common goals and objectives. 
Work independently with minimum administrative direction.
Work with and exhibit sensitivity to and understanding of the varied racial, ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, academic, socio-economic, and disabled populations of community college students.

Education and Experience Guidelines:
Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in related fields, such as Business Administration, Education Administration, Educational Leadership, Business Organization, Marketing, Communication, Data Science or Data Analytics.
A Master’s degree is desired. 

Five (5) years of related experience including one (1) year of experience in a lead or supervisory capacity.

License or Certificate:
Valid California driver’s license.

Conditions of Employment:
The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Work Environment:
Standard office setting. Duties are performed primarily in an office environment sitting at a desk or computer workstation. Work also requires travel to various community locations to scout, schedule, and set-up locations for events and functions and attend meetings or otherwise conduct work. Incumbents are subject to contact with K-12 and college students, faculty, staff and the public, and frequent interruptions, including noise from talking or office equipment, and demanding legal, District and college timelines. There are at least minimal environmental controls to assure health and comfort.

Physical Demands:
Primary job functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in an office setting and drive a motor vehicle. Incumbents regularly sit for long periods; walk short distances on a regular basis; use hands and fingers to operate an electronic keyboard or other office machines; reach with hands and arms; stoop or kneel or crouch to file; speak clearly and distinctly to answer telephones and to provide information; see to read fine print and operate computer; hear and understand voices over telephone and in person; and lift, carry, and/or move objects weighing up to 25 pounds.

Additional Position Information:
Interested applicants must complete the online application, apply for the position, and attach the specified “REQUIRED” documents.

To be considered, each section on the application must contain the requested information (do not state “SEE RESUME” or leave blank). Included on the application, applicants must provide (on the application) at least three (3) professional references, preferably from current supervisors, previous supervisors (from the past five years), colleagues or coworkers who can address professional competency and appropriate practical skills, or other professional references. District Human Resources (DHR) may request additional references.

In addition to a full complete application, applicants are required to attach all “REQUIRED” documents. Official transcripts will be required upon offer of employment.

Applicants bear sole responsibility for ensuring that their applications are complete and “REQUIRED” documents are attached prior to the “INITIAL SCREENING DATE.” Incomplete applications will not be considered. All submitted materials become the property of the South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD), will not be returned, will not be copied, and will be considered for this position only. Any supporting documents submitted must reference the Job Opening ID numbers and may be attached online, faxed to 949-340-8007, mailed via U.S. Mail under separate cover, or hand delivered to the District offices.

This recruitment will remain “OPEN UNTIL FILLED.” For guaranteed consideration, a complete application, and all “REQUIRED” documents are required to be submitted electronically by the “INITIAL SCREENING DATE.” Applications submitted via facsimile or electronic mail will not be accepted.

Duties and Responsibilities
1.      Develop, implement, promote and advance the goals and objectives of Saddleback College’s outreach efforts and strategic partnerships to build enrollment. 
2.      Oversee the recruitment, hiring, training, and supervision of outreach staff and enrollment coaches as well as students engaged in outreach, enrollment coaching or peer mentoring.
3.      Chair the Outreach and Recruitment Committee, consisting of representatives from operations/functions described above, to collaborate and coordinate disparate Outreach and Recruitment activities going on across the college.
4.      Foster and create partnerships to build student enrollment in all areas of the college and in specific recruitment areas, such as Promise and for our HSI grant. 
5.      Represent the President, as directed, at external functions connected to outreach, recruitment, or pursuit of strategic partnerships.
1.      Work collaboratively with other departments and divisions to enhance and bolster outreach and recruitment efforts and to facilitate formation of strategic partnerships, focusing on collaboration and coordination with leads for economic and workforce development, contract education, community education, adult education, Emeritus Institute, re-entry services, the Saddleback Foundation, Marketing and Communication, the Strategic Enrollment Management Director and the SEM Committee, Instructional Deans and department chairs, Promise, grants, Guided Pathways, the Equity and Inclusion Council, Counseling, VETS, disability support services, transfer services, Financial Aid, Student Life, Admission and Registration and all Student Services Deans. 
2.      Work collaboratively with Saddleback’s Marketing and Communications team to develop creative print materials and online copy, and expand digital advertising and recruitment content and strategies; coordinate and glean efficiencies in marketing and outreach efforts across the college; and ensure that messaging and branding from Marketing and Communications is followed, aligned and consistent across marketing and outreach efforts across the college.
3.      Develop, implement and train staff under the supervision of the Director of OSP and staff elsewhere in the college at the request of their supervisors in rules and principles of high-touch customer service; track gains in customer service and assess customer service across the college.
4.      Report when called upon to do so activities related to outreach, recruitment and strategic partnerships in compelling and professional presentations.
1.      Plan, organize, manage and evaluate operational processes, including outreach and recruitment activities, goal development, budget management, assessments for program effectiveness, and program reviews; coordinate and execute outreach initiatives and events, including college fairs, college nights, presentations, school visits, kiosks at community events and visits to potential partners.
2.      Plan, coordinate and oversee outreach activities and events, ensuring compliance with standards, District policies and applicable State and federal laws and regulations.
3.      Secure the use of facilities for outreach activities, ensuring compliance with standards, rules and regulations of leased facilities; and ensure compliance with District policies and applicable State and federal laws and regulations.
4.      Coordinate and oversee tours of campus for prospective students and representatives of partners or potential partners.
5.      Collect, maintain and report out data on all outreach activities and partnerships, including but not limited to yield, capture/conversion and cost per enrollee. 
6.      Procure, launch and operationalize use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system; oversee training of all users and have primary responsibility for management of the CRM
1.      Plan and grow outreach activities to increase the college’s visibility and reach, particularly to prospective students from underrepresented populations and non-traditional students, in addition to traditional, K-12 students.
2.      Oversee and coordinate pursuit and implementation of partnerships with K-12 feeders, private schools, community organizations and non-profits, faith-based entities and houses of worship, support services for home schooling, workforce and business advocacy groups, industry partners and other potential sources of potential students; and maintain records of all such partnerships and potential partnerships-in-pursuit so that efforts across various units of the college are coordinated, efficient, and tracked.
1.      Manage, oversee and participate in the development of the department’s plan; assign work activities, monitor progress of goals, projects and programs; and monitor and improve workflow.
2.      Prepare budget requests; manage the forecast of needed funding for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies; implement mid-year budget adjustments; and authorize, manage and monitor expenditures according to District policies and applicable regulations.
3.      Supervise the operational work of assigned staff, including authorizing and approving requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, budgets, work orders, payroll and annual supply order processing.
4.      Train, motivate and supervise the performance of classified professionals, delegate and review assignments and projects; timely evaluate work products and results; and establish and monitor timelines and prioritize work.

5.      Maintain current knowledge of the regulations, policies and application requirements and eligibility criteria for operations under the supervision of the Director of OSP, including computer hardware and software enhancements.
Perform related duties as assigned. 
Report to work on a regular and consistent basis, as scheduled, to assigned job.

At the South Orange County Community College District, our goal as an academic community is to sustain a working environment that fosters and celebrates diversity, promotes and rewards excellence, and is welcoming to all. An exemplary academic community promotes an inclusive environment that best prepares our faculty, staff, and students to live, work, and contribute in a global society. The Plan reflects the District's commitment to equal employment opportunity and outlines the active steps that ensure nondiscriminatory practices.