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Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA

ID: 7086514
Posted: October 4, 2021
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

The Oyler-Yaniv lab at Harvard Medical School’s department of Systems Biology is seeking stellar experimental postdoc candidates who want to make impactful scientific discoveries at the intersection of systems biology, immunology, and host-pathogen dynamics. We study how the immune system manages to defend the host while maintaining tissue integrity. We are motivated by the understanding that a productive immune response always exerts some degree of collateral damage to healthy tissue. Our goal is to identify the cellular and tissue-level feedbacks that regulate this tradeoff, and their breakdown during inflammatory disease. To achieve this goal, our work uses systems and quantitative approaches to explore how the spatial organization of immune cells in tissue affects their phenotypic and functional plasticity during infection and homeostasis.

Postdocs in the lab will develop new projects on
1) single-cell decision-making during viral infection,
2) regulation of tissue inflammation by resident macrophages, or
3) zonation of immune cell subtypes during an immune reaction.

Successful candidates should have significant experimental experience in at least one of the following:
(1) Live-cell fluorescent microscopy, including digital image analysis.
(2) Mouse models of immune activation.
(3) Flow/mass cytometry.
(4) Optogenetics, molecular biology.
(5) Immune functional assays.

Our lab offers a unique combination of complex biological systems and quantitative methods with opportunities to venture into new and exciting areas. We support the professional development of our lab personnel by providing patience, guidance, and resources for them to do their best work.

Job requirements:
1. Lead research related to the regulation of immune activity and tissue integrity
2. Attend group meetings and journal clubs and periodically present your work
3. Present your work in conferences and meetings
4. Participate in writing manuscripts and proposals, both for individual and lab funding
5. Advise and support other members of the lab
6. Developing new skills to advance your career
7. Be kind and maintain a friendly and professional work environment

This could be a great fit if: - You’re independent, always asking questions and figuring out the ways to answer them
- You are proud of your work and have a sense of personal ownership over it
- You have the hard-earned patience of a seasoned experimentalist.
- You expect things to take time and enjoy the journey
- You are brutally honest about the strengths and limitations of your own work
- You are always eager to talk about your work and curious about others’ work

To learn more about the lab, please check out our website ( To apply, please email a copy of your CV and a short (1⁄2-1 page) summary of your goals and how joining the lab will help you achieve them, along with the names of 1-2 references who can vouch for your greatness to

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