Executive Director of Fiscal Services


Mission Viejo, CA

ID: 7088992 (Ref.No. scj-11820)
Posted: October 26, 2021
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Summary Description:
To plan, organize, coordinate, administer, direct and control the District-wide fiscal programs, operations and activities, including accounting, budgeting, payroll, benefits, irrevocable trust funds, investments, and related employee services; ensure that programs are operating within the appropriate fiscal parameters and remain in compliance with District, local, State, Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) statements and/or federal requirements; ensure timely and accurate submission of all District financial reports, including the annual financial audit and adopted budget and serve as the District Disbursing Officer over commercial checks.

To direct and supervise difficult accounting functions, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned managerial, professional, technical and support staff; and ensure that Fiscal Services departments maintain strict ethical and legal practices, review procedures and polices periodically and implement improvements; recommend financial policy and procedures.

To foster a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, innovation, and continuous improvement throughout the District; lead by example; actively participate in and support District-wide participatory governance components and activities and other collaborative processes; encourage professional excellence among the staff and promote an organizational culture of customer service, innovation, and quality services. 


Receives general direction from the Vice Chancellor of Business Services.

Exercises functional and technical supervision over the Assistant Director of Fiscal Services, Payroll and Benefits Manager, District Accountant, and other personnel as assigned.  Works closely and cooperatively with the Vice Presidents of College Administrative Services and the District Internal Auditor.

Acts in the Vice Chancellor of Business Services’ stead during their absence.

Knowledge of:
Applicable District policies and regulations.
Budget and Accounting Manual for California Community Colleges and Contracted District Audit Manual for California Community Colleges.
California Education Code, Government Code and California Code of Regulations Title 5 requirements relating to accounting, budget, employee retirement systems, and payroll.
Computer systems and software applications related to area of assignment of fiscal management, payroll, and benefits, including capabilities and limitations. 
Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.
District and college organization, operations and objectives.
Generally accepted accounting and auditing principles (GASB and GAAP).
Interpersonal skills including tact, patience and diplomacy.
Methods and techniques used in financial research, revenue forecasting, and program analysis.
Modern office practices, procedures, methods, and equipment.
Modern principles, practices, methods, and techniques, of finance administration to include accounting, budget development and control, grants management, payroll, cash flow management, investments, internal controls, and benefits administration.
Oral and written communication skills.
Organizational and management practices as applied to analysis and evaluation of assigned fiscal programs, policies, and operational needs.
Principles and practices of management, supervision, performance evaluation, and training.
Principles and practices of mathematics, statistics, and financial analysis.
Principles and practices of student financial aid programs.
Principles and practices of auxiliary organizations, including foundations and associated student body governments.
Public speaking and presentation skills.

Ability to:
Administer policies, regulations, and procedures for areas of assignment.
Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, garner consensus, and implement recommendations in support of goals.
Analyze, interpret, and evaluate the financial health and stability of the District and make recommendations for corrections, as appropriate.
Collect, compile and analyze data.
Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively, both orally and in writing, with diverse constituencies within and outside of the District.
Develop and recommend financial and business policies and procedures.
Develop, coordinate, and administer the District’s budget, inclusive of all funds.
Encourage professional excellence among the staff and promote an organizational culture of customer service, innovation, and quality services. 
Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.
Exercise initiative and work independently with minimal administrative direction.
Forecast current and future revenues and expenditures affecting the District’s financial condition, including receipts and disbursements and accruals and deferrals.
Implement new computer information systems.
Interpret and analyze financial and budget data and draw logical conclusions.
Interpret, apply, and explain applicable District policies and procedures.
Interpret, apply, and explain applicable local, State and federal laws and regulations.
Make clear and effective public presentations.
Meet schedules and timelines.
Operate computer and applications software, including database management, spreadsheet, word processing, and software related to area of assignment.
Operate modern office equipment such as computer, printer, calculator, copier, and facsimile machine.
Plan, prioritize, and organize work.
Plan, develop, organize, coordinate, direct, monitor, control, and evaluate a wide variety of District-wide fiscal functions and administrative services, operations, programs, and activities for a public entity, preferably in public education.
Prepare complex and comprehensive financial summaries, statements, reports, and analyses.
Prepare oral and written complex reports, financial statements, analyses, and recommendations.
Relate effectively to people of varied academic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds using tact, diplomacy and courtesy. 
Select, train, lead, direct, supervise, and evaluate the performance of managerial, professional, technical, and support personnel.
Understand and effectively and collaboratively work in a complicated multi-college environment, as well as within a system of community college districts.
Work cooperatively with District Information Technology to develop sound information and reporting systems and procedures related to area of assignment.

Education and Experience Guidelines:
Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in finance, accounting, business administration, or a closely related field. 

At least seven years of increasingly responsible leadership experience in the development, organization, and direction of a district-wide or organization-wide range of fiscal and business services in an education setting, including at least five years in a supervisory capacity. 

Desirable Qualifications:
Possession of an advanced degree in business administration, accounting, finance, or a closely related field from a regionally accredited institution or CPA certification.
Supervisory experience in public education fiscal services, preferably at a community college. 
Prior experience in approaching work and interactions with colleagues and/or students in an equity minded manner.  Ability to provide an inclusive and welcoming work/educational environment.

License or Certificate:
Valid California driver’s license.

Conditions of Employment:
The work environment and physical demands described here are representative of those required by an employee to perform the essential functions of this job successfully. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Work Environment:
Standard office setting. Typically, duties are performed in an office environment while sitting at a desk or computer workstation. Incumbents are subject to contact with others, frequent interruptions, noise from talking or office equipment, and demanding legal timelines. At least minimal environmental controls to assure health and comfort.

Physical Demands:
Incumbents regularly sit for long periods, walk short distances on a regular basis, travel to various locations to attend meetings and conduct work, use hands and fingers to operate an electronic keyboard or other office machines, reach with hands and arms, stoop or kneel or crouch to file, speak clearly and distinctly to answer telephones and to provide information; see to read fine print and operate computer; hear and understand voices over telephone and in person; and lift, carry, and/or move objects weighing up to 10 pounds.

Duties and Responsibilities
Plan, develop, organize, coordinate, direct, administer and evaluate the fiscal programs, services, operations and activities of the entire District involving accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, auditing, budgeting, payroll, employee benefits, banking, internal fiscal controls, financial analysis, financial reporting and grants management to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 
Maintain proper accounting and internal controls, as well as oversight of, all District revenues, expenditures, funds, and accounts, including payroll, the Associated Student Government funds (ASG and ASIVC), the three foundations, ATEP Facilities Corporation, and irrevocable trust accounts, ensuring integrity of all financial resources. 
Review financial transactions and records to ensure solvency and conformance with generally accepted accounting principles and contract requirements; monitor expenditures and other account activities to ensure expenditures are appropriate and within budget; ensure the timely and accurate processing of payments, and depositing of all District receipts and income; and ensure the timely and accurate maintenance of all budget and accounting records; authorize expenditures according to District policies and applicable regulations; and serve as the District’s disbursing officer. 
Assume responsibility for the financial accounting and reporting computer system, including the authorization approval trees and chart of accounts (accounting structure) for all funds and accounts for the District.  Oversee all upgrades to the financial accounting and reporting computer system and act as the point person for necessary improvements, enhancements, and changes in order to effectively monitor, control, and report financial activity to ensure efficient fiscal administration. Develop and maintain business processes, security configuration, and financial reports.
Collaborate with and provide leadership, direction, and guidance to fiscal staff at both colleges and their auxiliary organizations to complete year-end closing and to develop and implement the District’s annual tentative and adopted budget; provide leadership in the development of budget proposals and budget allocation processes; review periodic budget reports to compare actuals against forecasts; and provide explanations of variances as necessary.
Provide leadership and technical assistance to District Services and college personnel in providing recommendations and information regarding budget and accounting functions and activities; designing and implementing effective internal controls; and identifying corrective processes and procedures.  Plan, organize, and arrange appropriate training and staff development activities, including orientation for new employees.
Forecast short-range and long-range District revenues and expenditures; direct and participate in the preparation of a variety of financial and statistical information and reports related to fiscal operations including, multi-year financial projections, cash flows, and financial analysis for the Vice Chancellor, Board of Trustees, District management, and other interested parties; compile information and data to create various financial and statistical reports and statements; ensure accurate and timely completion and submission of reports. 
Monitor and ensure adequate cash is available to meet District financial obligations and recommend transfers, as appropriate. Project, monitor, and analyze property tax revenues.
Maintain current knowledge of, understand, and implement Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) statements, accounting advisories, generally accepted accounting principles, changes to statements on auditing standards (SAS), and the Budget and Accounting Manual. 
Direct the preparation of a District-wide annual budget and financial audit, inclusive of all sites and funds; plan and develop fiscal recommendations; present the budget to the Board of Trustees for their approval at public meetings; respond to questions from the Board, the Chancellor, and District and college administrators regarding the budget. 
Ensure the timely and accurate preparation, production, and distribution of employee payroll checks; ensure the timely processing and records maintenance related to employee leave balances, tax reporting of employee earnings, processing and payment of employee deductions, employee benefit eligibility, employee benefit reconciliation, State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) and Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) membership enrollment, reporting and separation, unemployment insurance filings, and employment verification.
Serve as the District’s primary fiscal contact and liaison with external business entities, such as banks, auditors, attorneys, County Office of Education, Investment Agencies, JPAs, Orange County Auditor Controller’s Office, the State Chancellor’s Office, consultants, vendors, and agents. 
Sign vendor checks, payment orders, revolving checks, foundation checks, financial aid checks, contracts, and purchase orders as authorized by the Board of Trustees. 
Direct the administration of District checking accounts and serve as primary banking relations representative for the District. Direct the collection of receipts and deposit of funds with the County Treasury and various banking institutions including financial wires and reconciliations; and work with external institutions to sell notes and bonds. 
Provide responsible financial direction and provision of financial information for collective bargaining negotiations; including serving on the District negotiations team when asked.
Direct the appropriate handling of unusual financial problems or deviation from policy or procedures; consult with other District and college administrators, Vice Chancellor of Business Services, staff, and outside agencies.
Review and analyze new legislation affecting financial status of the District and on a variety of financial and business related matters with impact to the District, including new grant and/or categorical programs.
Develop and administer goals, objectives, policies, administrative regulations, and priorities for areas of assignment.  Support Districtwide goals and objectives and incorporate them into the planning process for budget development.
Direct, manage, instruct, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned managerial, professional, technical, and support staff; delegate and review assignments and projects; evaluate work products and results; establish and monitor timelines and prioritize work; interview, select, and recommend hiring of employees; recommend transfers, reassignment, termination, and disciplinary action; motivate staff; and resolve conflicts within the group. 
Communicate with District and college administrators, managers, faculty, and support personnel; representatives of State and federal agencies; other educational institutions; social service organizations; and local entities to exchange information, resolve conflicts and issues, and coordinate programs and activities.
Represent the District in Joint Power Authorities for health and welfare plans; serve on other committees, task forces and work groups outside the District; provide technical expertise concerning the fiscal operations of the District; serve as an active member, chair, and/or resource to various District collegial consultative committees and groups including, District Resource Allocation Committee (DRAC), Health and Welfare Committee, accreditation committees, hiring committees, Capital Improvement Committee, Board of Trustees Audit Sub-Committee, and other committees or advisory groups as required; serve as a member of ACBO and other professional organizations; represent the District at national, state, and regional conferences, as appropriate; communicate committee actions, decisions, and matters of import to staff and colleagues; and serve on Board of Directors for the OPEB Irrevocable Trust (Retirement Board of Authority), the Pension Stabilization Trust Fund, the ATEP Facilities Corporation, and the Foundation for the South Orange County CCD.
Ensure the timely and accurate preparation, maintenance, distribution of reports, records and questionnaires as required by federal, State, local and District regulations. Direct the preparation of financial aid payments; OPEB actuarial reports; reimbursement claims for State capital outlay projects; and financial documents and reports related to scheduled maintenance programs, grants, categoricals, contracts, part-time faculty office hours, part-time faculty compensation, part-time faculty health benefits, mandated cost programs, and any others that may arise.  Review and monitor compliance with the 50% Law and full-time faculty obligation.
1.      Prepare and review Board agenda items, resolutions, and public notices in accordance with District, state, federal, and local procedures and regulations. Direct the preparation of periodic reports for the Board of Trustees; attend Board meetings as required; supervise the preparation of special financial or statistical research or analysis requested by the Board.
Coordinate and respond to annual financial audits or special audits such as STRS, Franchise Tax Board, IRS, EDD, grant or external funds, State categorical, or internal audits.
Make oral presentations at various gatherings; conduct workshops to provide specialized information regarding the fiscal services of the District; assure the development and dissemination of information related to new or revised automated systems, requirements, or regulations affecting fiscal operations and services.
In the absence of the Vice Chancellor of Business Services, participate in Chancellor’s Executive Cabinet or other meetings to advise and communicate District-wide accounting, financial, or budgetary issues; assume signature responsibility for all District financial reports in the absence of the Vice Chancellor of Business Services as authorized.
Perform related duties as assigned.
Report to work on a regular and consistent basis, as scheduled, to assigned job. 

At the South Orange County Community College District, our goal as an academic community is to sustain a working environment that fosters and celebrates diversity, promotes and rewards excellence, and is welcoming to all. An exemplary academic community promotes an inclusive environment that best prepares our faculty, staff, and students to live, work, and contribute in a global society. The Plan reflects the District's commitment to equal employment opportunity and outlines the active steps that ensure nondiscriminatory practices.