Administrative Program Coordinator

Johns Hopkins University

East Baltimore , MD

ID: 7096838
Posted: April 1, 2022
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

We are seeking an Administrative Program Coordinator who will be responsible for the overall administrative, financial, and academic activities of the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution. Provide administrative support to faculty, post-docs, and students enrolled in the programs.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

Academic Support (50%):

Oversee all administrative aspects of the academic programs of the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution.
Support monthly FAE faculty/postdoctoral and student meetings (scheduling, agendas, and minutes).
Develop, implement, and document processes, procedures, and systems.
Work closely with program directors in establishing program schedules, requiring planning, coordination, knowledge and understanding of the academic program.
Represent the program in administrative matters, which may include issues pertaining to space, facilities, student information system, and classroom/lab support.
Develop various program reports (both budget and non-budget).
Oversee and monitor program expenditures, contributing to program budget development and projections.

Liaison to: International Office; Registrar’s Office; Student Accounting; Financial Aid; Anatomy Board of Maryland; MEB facilities; Safety Dept.; Curriculum Office; Dean’s office.

PhD Program:

Oversee the entire admissions process, from initial inquiries to program enrollment.
Arrange all aspects of visits for top applicants to the program, including transportation, meals, schedules, faculty meetings, and facilities tours.
Assist accepted students, registration, completion of hiring ISRs, and completion of I-9 forms.
Support the Graduate Program Director with monitoring students throughout their tenure in the program.
Complete oral exam forms (contact committee members, send reminders), arrange presentations by students.
Monitor student travel and discretionary funds.
Work with students to complete degree requirement documents; prepare PhD packet for Registrar’s Office.
Monitor student accounts on SIS, maintain annual entries in DGA.

MS in Anatomy Education Program:

Oversee the entire admissions process, from initial inquiries to program enrollment.
Support the MSAE Director with monitoring students throughout their tenure in the program.
Prepare DGA entries for academic scholarships for each accepted student.
Provide assistance with registration, financial aid, and insurance.
Provide access to anatomy lab and department facilities; assign locker and space.

Human Anatomy Course:

Manage all administrative aspects of this course in support of Course Director. These include:

Manage inventory and purchase of lab supplies.
Supervise organization of lab.
Upload documents onto Blackboard.
Assign students to small groups and lab tables.
Maintain grade sheet, help prepare and send midterm and final letters.
Arrange tutoring as needed; track remediation exams; prepare final grade sheets.
Maintain spreadsheet of revenue and expenses and reconcile monthly.

Budget/Financial Support (25%):

In collaboration with Director and the Administrative Manager, prepare annual department budgets. Reconcile budgets throughout the year on a monthly basis.
Maintain required records/documents.
Prepare fund transfers between SOM and other University departments.
Pre-award and post-award grants management and reconciliation.
Prepare ISRs for new hires, existing faculty/student salary changes, and prepare DGA entries for graduate students.
Reconcile accounts on PaymentNet and record credit card activity for department procurement card.
Maintain petty cash account.
Monitor effort reporting and prepare e-forms as necessary; prepare non-payroll cost transfers.
Enter fiscal budgets into Epsi.
Maintain monthly expenditure/revenue spreadsheets for each department account and faculty discretionary account; communicate with faculty as needed to keep abreast of account balances; address any departmental financial issues that may arise.

Liaison to: Business Office; Credit card office; SAP transactions

General Administrative Duties (25%):

Oversee the daily activities of the Center, and purchase supplies needed for office, lab, and academic activities.
Arrange FedEx/UPS shipping and water delivery.
Maintain department digital files.
Coordinate student prosections for Anesthesiology and Physical Medicine and Rehab anatomy course.
Schedule, organize, and promote FAE events and semi-monthly Seminar Series.
Maintain and update FAE website.

Liaison to: Business Office; Credit card office; SAP transactions

Minimum Qualifications (Mandatory):

Bachelors’ Degree in related discipline.
Three (3) years of progressively responsible related experience.
Additional education may substitute for some experience, and some additional experience may substitute for some education, to the extent permitted by the JHU equivalency formula.*