Research Technician


Pasadena, CA

ID: 7101093
Posted: June 1, 2022
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description
The Hay lab is interested in a variety of topics. Many projects can be thought of as involving study of, and/or engineering the composition or fate of populations. At the subcellular level we are interested in the mitochondrial genome, how it can be engineered, how quality control occurs to eliminate defective mtDNA genomes, why quality control often fails during aging, and the development of methods for enhancing this process to slow or prevent an important aspect of aging. At the level of the cell, we are interested in regulating cell death and neurodegeneration. At the level of individual organisms, we are interested in methods for inducing long-term infertility. At the level of populations of organisms, we are interested in developing technologies for modifying the genetic composition (population modification) or fate local extinction) of wild populations, ranging from prokaryotes to plants, insects, and mammals, using gene drive. Contexts for this last set of projects include disease vectors, invasive species and the soil microbiome.

We are an energetic and well-funded team with modern lab space located in sunny Pasadena. We seek to expand our group with the addition of highly motivated individuals with experience in some experience in one or more areas: molecular genetics, genetic screens, biochemistry, cell biology, cell culture, mathematical modeling, and/or plant biology. Close interactions with labs at UCLA make the environment collegial and stimulating.

A Bachelors degree or equivalent in a relevant disciple is a minimum prerequisite. When applying please provide a CV, in PDF format, that includes your training, GPA for all higher education institutions attended, previous work experience, and career goals. This information should be sent, via email, to the following address: [email protected]