Assistant Director, Finance

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

ID: 7135979
Posted: March 24, 2023
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Budget development

Develop salary and operating budgets for Extension Administration. Advise the Director on budget matters related to all funds. Oversee the extension financial portfolio in appropriations, grants, gifts, and other types of cash.

Collaborate with the IFAS Office of Finance and Administration, Office of the Senior Vice President, the IFAS Development Office, the Division of Sponsored Programs, the University of Florida Foundation, and others to ensure appropriate allocation and management of extension financial resources.

Manage extension unit allocations and budget commitments in all funds to include ongoing budget transfers and adjustments during the fiscal year. Assist UF/IFAS units with management of funding and compliance with regulations in all funds.

Provide support to Extension Program Leaders, District Extension Directors, and County Extension Directors on budgetary and financial matters.

Financial management

Provide ongoing oversight and direct financial management of all Extension programs and contracts, to include:

Extension Online Learning
Registration management/CRM
Straughn Extension Center
FCF Contract
Pitney Bowes contract

Provide ongoing oversight and direct financial management of all Extension conferences and events, to include:

FEBPC Conference
Extension Symposium
EPAF annual conference
(IST) In-service training
Sunbelt Ag Expo

Provide ongoing oversight and direct financial management of all Extension awards and other internally funded activities to include:

Faculty startup
Faculty salary savings program
EPAF awards
FEBPC awards
Internal mini-grants and other initiatives.

Provide ongoing oversight and direct financial management of the state-wide postage program for county extension offices. Duties include providing technical assistance to counties, ordering supplies as needed, and providing regular analysis of postage related expenditures.

Reporting and control

Responsible for ensuring all financial activities comply with university, state, and federal regulations.

Through timely financial analysis, provide any appropriate strategies to maximize university resources.

Oversee the production of accurate and timely budget and expense management reports.

Analyze and interpret financial information for planning and control purposes.

Lead the department’s fiscal responsibility and reconciliation processes across all funds.

Lead and manage all audit responses both internally and externally.

Regularly provide expense and budget forecasting to maintain departmental decision readiness.

Provide monthly and ad hoc financial reporting to the dean, Director, and others as appropriate.

Manage the county CALFS system to maintain accurate county-based budget and expense data.

Lead the annual Partners for Progress reporting.

Perform other related duties as assigned.
Individual will report to the Director and expected to work independently with minimum supervision.
The typical work schedule is Monday – Friday, 8:00 am- 5:00pm. However, the individual is expected to work outside of normal hours where necessary to fulfill work duties.
The candidate is responsible for policy making and interpretation thereof for Extension. Additionally, this person must be current on rules and regulations regarding financial matters as described in the USDA-ES Administrative Handbook and the rules of the University of Florida and the State of Florida.
Within IFAS, this individual will have contact with department heads, district directors, program leaders, center directors, IFAS administration and IFAS employees in general. External to IFAS, the individual will have contacts with various state and federal agencies and various industry organizations.
The individual will have responsibility monitoring various accounts such as the Smith-Lever and Extension incidental Fund. Estimates of projected revenue and expenditures have serious consequences in these funds if they are in error. There should be no actual cash handled by this position
The position will be privy to confidential personnel matters.