Program Coordinator

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID

ID: 7146440
Posted: May 22, 2023
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Position Summary
This position performs a complex mix of duties in support of project or program
development and delivery.
Duties may include:
Maintaining calendars and supporting planning and delivery of meeting and events
Distributing agendas, taking notes, compiling and distributing material, documenting task assignments
Coordinating office operations
Supporting program planning and may assist with the development of sponsored project proposals
Researching and compiling information for communications such as talking points, speech scripts and responses to correspondence and presentations Coordinating collection of data and materials for reports and other administrative documents
Developing and maintaining positive liaison relationships with various offices, customers and stakeholders including internal and advisory boards
May provide support for financial and/or personnel processes Other duties as assigned

The Program Coordinator will work with the Co-Directors to establish and maintain good working relationships with departments, colleges, other centers and institutes, and administrative units at the university. This will be achieved through ongoing communication, transparency, and working toward mutually beneficial goals. In addition to working across institutional boundaries, the Program Coordinator will coordinate the activities of the CRC Executive Committee to establish interactions with local, regional and national partner organizations; and will aid in the submission of joint grant proposals for research and education (e.g., project grants, training grants, participation in multi- institution institutes); and help establish contacts at local, regional and national partner organizations identified by the Co-Directors. The CRC is administered through CAA. The Program Coordinator will work in collaboration with the Co-Directors of CRC to plan and implement.

The Center for Resilient Communities (CRC) was established in 2014 to address the social, economic and environmental issues that affect the resilience of communities in Idaho and the Western United States through the co-production of knowledge based on collaborative interdisciplinary research, and the development and application of social- ecological systems science. This mission is advanced by nurturing, coalescing, and enhancing critical mass in interdisciplinary social-ecological systems science.

The CRC builds on the success of the former Resilience & Adaptive Management Group in Alaska—created and managed by CRC Co-Directors, Andrew Kliskey and Lilian Alessa. The CRC directly supports two of the University of Idaho’s signature areas: transition of landscapes and the structures they support from wilderness to urbanization, and the nexus of energy production and use and agriculture and the environment
Job Duty Function Project Coordination
Job Duties/Responsibilities
With guidance and in collaboration with the Co-Directors of the CRC, the Program Coordinator will aid in planning, CRC programs and initiatives at the University of Idaho and with subcontracted institutions.
Develop an annual plan to assure that all CRC activities occur in a timely, well- organized manner.
Schedule meetings in support of grant activities
Represent CRC’s programs and core facilities to the public, administrators, faculty, students and staff.
Oversee and coordinate website development for internal and external communication.
Coordinate public relations activities by preparing and distributing electronic newsletters, brochures, press releases, promotional materials, and website content.
Schedule the meetings of the Center Co-Directors Coordinate the project meetings of Center personnel. Coordinate business travel for the Center Co-Directors
Facilitate and attend meetings of the Executive Committee to provide oral and written progress reports, disseminate information, facilitate teamwork, and enhance interoffice communication involving program goals as well as upcoming events and deadlines.
Facilitate meetings of the External Advisory Committee and make available to the committee the information it needs to provide oral and written program evaluation and advice on future CRC activities.
Organize faculty training events (i.e.; grant writing workshops; toolbox collaborative training, business of science training).
Aid in preparing annual reports for the CRC Co-Directors, the CAA, the Office of Research and Economic Development, Executive and External Advisory Committees, funding agencies, and others as needed.
Aid in developing a process for ongoing formative and summative evaluation of CRC personnel and programs.
Percentage Of Time 55
Essential/Marginal Essential
Job Duty Function Assist in CRC Strategic Planning
Job Duties/Responsibilities
Provide guidance and serve as a resource to CRC participants (including faculty, students and staff at the University of Idaho), as well as administrative staff at collaborating and subcontracted institutions, to confirm understanding of and compliance with: CRC program policies; federal regulations; regulations and guidelines for research and education grant programs of the National Science Foundation, and other agencies.
Percentage Of Time 30
Essential/Marginal Essential
Job Duty Function Personnel Management
Job Duties/Responsibilities
The CRC Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the CRC Administrative functions operate efficiently and professionally by:
Recruiting additional CRC staff and temporary staff as required by program growth.
Percentage Of Time 10
Essential/Marginal Essential
Job Duty Function Contribute to Team Efforts
Job Duties/Responsibilities
Other duties as assigned to assist the Center for Resilient Communities or the College of Art and Architecture