Research Associate

University of Kansas medical Center

Kansas City, KS

ID: 7178839
Posted: September 13, 2023
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Job Description Summary:
Perform daily laboratory operations of the Genome Sequencing Facility in coordination with the Genomics Core Project Manager including sequence library preparation (manually and automated) and sequencing runs on the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 instrument. Perform single cell library preparations using the 10X Genomics library preparation system and the 10X Chromium X. Perform single cell library preparations using the Mission Bio Tapestri system. Perform Agilent TapeStation and Agilent Bioanalyzer QC assays and qPCR validations. Perform RNA and genomic DNA isolations and maintain proper inventory storage of RNA and DNA samples for Genomics Core project submissions using sample specific, handling and storage procedures. Interact and coordinate with Genomics Core clientele to ensure proper execution of submitted projects. Maintain complete and accurate records for projects performed. Coordinate with the Project Manager for daily assignment of tasks and report on progress and results of assigned duties.
Job Description:
Required Qualifications

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in a scientific field.

Work Experience:

3+ years molecular biology experience, including performing diverse molecular biology protocols, and single channel and multi-channel pipetting.

PCR and qPCR experience.

Computer experience with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Acrobat.

Excellent communication as evidence by application materials.

Preferred Qualifications

Work Experience:

Automated nucleic acid sequencing and library preparation experience (manual and automated).

Single Cell RNA and DNA library preparation experience.

Agilent TapeStation and Bioanalyzer assay experience, RNA and DNA isolation experience.

Order placement and inventory management experience.

Solid understanding of rigor and reproducibility in scientific protocols.

Previous experience in core or shared resource environment.


Demonstrated organizational and planning skills.

Self-motivation and multi- tasking capabilities.

Job Duties Outlined

Coordinate with the Genomics Core Project Manager to obtain and execute daily project tasks assigned to core technical personnel.

Perform sequence library preparation (manual and automated), validation and quantification using qPCR. Perform cluster generation and sequence interrogation of nucleic acids on an Illumina NovaSeq sequencing instrument. Manage sequence data storage on the iCompute server and sequence data distribution by sFTP site or Illumina BaseSpace cloud distribution.

Operation of the 10X Genomics Chromium X and Mission Bio Tapestri system to include performing cell viability counts and preparation for single cell library processing. Perform RNA and DNA single cell library preparation and validation.

Assist with supply procurement utilizing the KUMC Workday system and support best practice inventory management.

Prepare, validate and qPCR quantify sequencing libraries. Perform quality control of sequence libraries and nucleic acids using the Agilent TapeStation 4200, Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, Qubit Fluorometer and Nanodrop 8000 spectrophotometer.

Perform routine maintenance, software updates and cleaning of the NovaSeq system, 10X Chromium X, Mission Bio Tapestri, Agilent TapeStation, and Agilent Bioanalyzer and supporting instrumentation. Maintain a clean and organized laboratory environment.

Monitor and maintain sequence reagents, library preparation kits and supply inventories. Coordinate and execute the replenishment of consumable with project manager or lead core staff.

Communicate with Genomics Core clients and prospective clients, including faculty students and staff, as needed, to properly execute the designated service request.

Assist with laboratory maintenance functions.

Other duties as assigned.