Digital Library Application Programmer

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

ID: 7180155
Posted: September 18, 2023
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

As a member of the Library Technology Services Department, Digital Development Unit, the Digital Library Application Programmer performs duties related to the creation and support of software applications for the UF Digital Collections and develops applications and services with an emphasis on the digital library system for patrons and internal needs. Under general direction of the unit head, works to design, develop, test, and deploy digital library applications including software to assist in internal digital workflow and operations. The Digital Library Application Programmer gathers requirements, develops applications, and provides support for digital services and applications.

To support all students, staff and faculty, and foster excellence in a diverse and collaborative society, the libraries are actively seeking candidates who bring culturally-rich lived experiences to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, and perspectives.

The Digital Development Unit is an agile development group that supports internationally recognized digital libraries of critical importance for research, preservation, and culture, including the Florida Digital Newspaper Library, the Digital Library of the Caribbean, and over 300 other outstanding digital collections that comprise the UF Digital Collections (UFDC), containing over 18 million pages.

The Library Technology Services (LTS) Department is a service-oriented group that maintains, researches, develops, optimizes, and supports information systems and technology for the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida. The department is a service hub providing an array of services and support, including technical expertise for evaluating external service providers, application development, project management, risk management, and administration supporting collaboration to optimally deliver on program and project needs.


Work with other members of the Digital Development Team to design, implement and maintain web and database systems which effectively deliver digital resources, track resource usage during digitization, and facilitate the compilation of analytical data in support of the Digital Support Services department. The underlying programming, scripting, query, and markup languages involved may include, but are not limited to Python/Django, PostgreSQL, React.js, JavaScript, C#, XML, HTML5 and CSS, with initial emphasis on React.js serving backend APIs. Coding projects should be accurate, effective, efficient, secure, completed by designated timelines and be sufficiently documented so that a fellow team-member familiar with the specific programming language can determine program flow and make modifications based upon the associated documentation. Code used in a production environment is subject to the approval of the digital development team lead and of the appropriate governing IT Security entity.

Work with other members of the Digital Development Team to design, implement, and maintain the UFDC Toolkit and Steward sites that provide digital processing tools to the digital support services unit. Implement weekly Anubis data management processes (PostgreSQL database backups, Elasticsearch snapshots and relevant log rotation).

Under the direction of the lead developer and unit manager, develop, monitor, and provide training on the use of UFDC Toolkit site tools and quality control procedures to be used in the Digital Support Services’ department data workflow.

Liaise between the identified stakeholders within the libraries and other UF and UFDC partner entities, with support from the lead developer and unit manager for communication and facilitation. In coordination with affected stakeholders, develop delivery interfaces based on accepted standards and best practices.

Assist in providing programming and software analysis activities to units within the libraries for projects outside of the UF Digital Collections and digital library operations as directed by the unit supervisor and department chair.

Expand knowledge base in information technology, digitization, front-end and REST-based interfaces, systems, etc. related to web delivery and processing of digital resources. Train through independent research, teacher-led or online training, and by participation in professional meetings and discussion groups. Support UF’s representation in the digital library communities.


Perform other incidental duties necessary to accomplish the essential functions listed above. Represent the Library Technology Services Department in internal and external committees, teams, and similar workgroups.