OPS - Laboratory Technician - Synthetic Biology

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

ID: 7180156
Posted: September 18, 2023
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Research in the Abil lab is centered around Bottom-Up Engineering of a Synthetic Living System. Our current research endeavors primarily focus on engineering cell-free processes that mimic the cyclically catalytic nature of living organisms. To achieve this, we will engineer in vitro autogene networks run by a customized cell-free transcription-translation system in cell-like artificial compartments. We will study their collective biopolymer synthesis, evolutionary dynamics, adaptability, and ability to be integrated into more complex networks. Our research will provide valuable insight on essential biogenic processes, such as biogenesis of ribosomes, translation factors, and energy regeneration complexes, which are difficult research subjects in vivo. The research technician will contribute heavily to the establishment of the lab's culture and infrastructure, collaborate closely with one or two graduate students and/or undergraduate students to support their research, and will be actively involved in the scientific development of several projects.


Help setting up the Abil lab instrumentation. Help maintain the operation of various equipment.
Make sure lab complies with the environmental, healthy and safety standards, establish and upgrade safety protocols.
Establish and maintain lab protocols and perform various molecular biology assays and experiments.
Order chemicals, reagents, and other laboratory supplies. Maintain inventory of lab supplies and chemicals.
Perform various molecular biology techniques. These could include recombinant DNA cloning, cell-free protein expression, preparation of a defined cell-free protein expression system, large-scale protein expression and purification, competent cell preparation.
Maintain Abil lab strain database.
Support cleaning activities by the entire group.
Participate in laboratory meetings and planning sessions. Read literature applicable to research as required.