K-5 Mathematics Specialist

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Huntsville, AL

ID: 7206462
Posted: January 11, 2024
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Purpose of the Position:
The K-5 Mathematics Specialist will provide on-site instructional support to teachers implementing a hands-on math curriculum in their schools, writes and facilitates workshops that train teachers, provide written reports monthly.


• Provide frequent, ongoing support and coaching to teachers, AMSTI lead teachers, certified AMSTI facilitators, coaches, and/or administrators based on assignments.
• Assist AMSTI teachers in effectively using common planning time and Professional Learning Communities to improve instruction
• Assist in recruiting new AMSTI teachers and/or facilitators.
• Research the effects of current math, science, and/or technology practices in AMSTI classrooms, as requested by AMSTI-ALSDE.
• Coordinate work through the AMSTI Site Director, collaborate with other specialists, and communicate with all stakeholders.
• Achieve and maintain proficiency in all standards, pedagogical content knowledge, and AMSTI lessons and practices through AMSTI-ALSDE and approved outside professional learning opportunities based on the requirements.
• Facilitate and/or participate in professional learning for teachers and/or administrators based on assignments and/or LEA needs, including online options.
• Assist AMSTI-ALSDE in developing and maintaining common professional learning opportunities and supporting resources for AMSTI and/or for the ALSDE, including online options.
• Provide ongoing professional learning to AMSTI lead teachers, certified AMSTI facilitators, and/or instructional coaches.
• Assist IHEs with planning and conducting pre-service and continuing education/outreach activities.
• Participate in AMSTI professional learning activities and staff meetings conducted by the ALSDE and Site Director.
• Work with materials managers to make site-level decisions based on teacher needs/requests.
• Provide feedback to AMSTI-ALSDE regarding the customization of kits and resources to make them teacher/classroom-friendly.
• Maintain records (including financial) and completed paperwork on time on time.
• Participate in the development, maintenance, and promotion of AMSTI resources according to the resource development and PR guidelines.
• Specialists may be required to perform other duties as assigned by the AMSTI Site Director or AMSTI-ALSDE.

Minimum Requirements:
• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education
• 3 - 27 years of full-time verifiable work experience
• Experience developing data-driven lessons for teachers
• Expertise in presenting workshops and training
• Knowledge of the State Course of Study
• Must be proficient in Google Suite
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Must have a current Teacher’s Certification

Desired Qualifications:
• Masters in Education is preferred
• Training in On-Going Assessment Project (OGAP) and other AMSTI math content training
is preferred
• Experience with instructional coaching is preferred
• Certified AMSTI Trainer certification is preferred