Financial Aid Advisor I

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC

ID: 7236858
Posted: April 18, 2024
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Organizational Unit Overview
The mission of The Office of Student Financial Aid is to offer a comprehensive financial aid program that attempts to meet the financial needs of all university students, utilizing aid programs from all sources students are believed to be eligible, designing financial aid packages in ways which assist students in achieving a quality education and support their academic objectives.

Further, to remain eligible to participate in all available funding sources by maintaining compliance and providing data to funding sources and campus partners.
Job Duties
The primary purpose of this financial aid advisor position is to advise students and parents about financial aid programs, eligibility requirements, financing options, policies and procedures at the University. The advisor provides information and advice about all financial aid programs. The counselor reviews and analyzes financial aid applications and records. The counselor resolves conflicting information’s, investigates unusual situations, and decides the outcome.
Position will provide a variety of financial aid information to students.

Description of job responsibilities/duties:

Counseling Duties: All professional staff have counselor duties.
The position will have direct contact with clients (students and parents, primarily) on an appointment and walk-in basis and over the phone. The position provides information about all student financial aid programs — program characteristics such as type of aid, funding source, amounts, interest rates, repayment requirements, application procedures and individual student eligibility requirements such as academic, financial, citizenship, enrollment, etc. In order to complete this responsibility, the position must be knowledgeable in the details of all students’ financial aid programs, ranging from private/institutional scholarships to federal loan programs. The position discusses confidential financial data and other family circumstances with the client. It advises the client about its impact and eligibility to participate in various aid programs. The position exercises “professional judgment” in individual student situations. In financial aid administration, this means that the position determines, after reviewing the student’s situation, that the student does not fall into the standard categories outline in program regulations and that the student should be an “exception to the rule”. The position, although not an academic advisor, is often in a situation of suggesting various academic strategies to help a student meet the financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirements for the retention of financial aid.

Although the position is not directly responsible for activities in other areas of the University, it often offers advice about paying bills, housing, registering, applying for admissions, transferring to and from the University, career planning, etc. At times the position is also in a position of recommending that the client seek assistance through the University’s counseling center or dean of students. The position makes decisions to award financial aid, or to approve a client as an “exception” can mean access to higher education for that individual.

In addition to providing accurate information, explanations of federal, state, and institutional policies and procedures, and guidance to the student, this position must project a sensitive and caring attitude. This position must recognize the impact of interaction with the student and/or parent in this situation can have on a college career and personal life. As part of the position’s counseling activities, it may contact other university offices to seek advice for the student or serve as an advocate for the student. The position also contacts private lenders, guarantee agencies, state and federal agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education for information or as an advocate for the student.

In addition to individual counseling with clients, the position represents the University in outreach programs — open houses, financial aid nights at local high schools, etc. In this role, the position must provide information about financial aid programs and eligibility requirements to assist prospective students in successfully navigating the financial aid application process. It must be able to answer questions from audiences. To do this, this position must retain a lot of detailed information about all student financial aid programs. It must thoroughly understand the programs, the need analysis system (the formula which establishes financial edibility for programs) and be able to explain in clear and concise language. This position must also project a positive image of the University and the office.

Program Knowledge:
Position uses a thorough understanding of Federal and State student financial aid programs, policies, and procedures and communicates information clearly.

Position uses in-depth knowledge impact of external grants/scholarships/VA benefits and 529 program funding in order to collaborate with Student Accounts and the Third-Party Billing office on impact of external dollars on previously awarded aid. Further, position will adjust aid and notify students as needed.

As a part of “redistributing” previously awarded aid, position must be able to advise students and parents about financial aid programs, eligibility requirements, financing options, policies, and procedures at the university. Position may liaise with Cashier about the retraction and repayment of previously disbursed aid.

Position must understand the information that can or cannot be give under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and policies and procedures of the University, the Office of the Financial Aid and the state of North Carolina. Position must be knowledgeable about Banner, the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC), the Common Origination and Disbursement System and the National Student Loan Data System and how to navigate through each. This position must be knowledgeable of important dates and deadlines each semester to organize and prioritize their work.

Information and Records Administration:
Position will review documents (examples — not all inclusive: IRS forms, Social Security Administration documents, military leave and earnings statements, Veteran’s Administration benefits letters, letters from students and/or parents, Federal Student Aid Reports, Parent Loan application/ promissory notes) that pertain to a student’s financial aid application. Position will review for completeness and compare with information already contained on the student’s financial aid Banner record. Confidentiality of these records is crucial to the operation of the Financial Aid Office and to this position. Position must understand the Federal and State regulations surrounding Financial Aid to determine if additional information is needed or if the file is complete to determine the award package. Position will be responsible for determining award based on these guidelines.

This position is contingent upon available funding.
Minimum Education/Experience
Bachelor’s degree; or equivalent combination of training and experience. All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.
License or Certification Required by Statute or Regulation
Preferred Experience, Skills, Training/Education
Bachelor’s degree and two years experience in Financial Aid/Title IV aid administration.
Special Instructions to Applicant
East Carolina University requires applicants to submit a candidate profile online in order to be considered for the position. Candidates must also submit a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references, including contact information, online.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.
Additional Instructions to Applicant
In order to be considered for this position, applicants must complete a candidate profile online via the PeopleAdmin system and submit any requested documents. Additionally, applicants that possess the preferred education and experience must also possess the minimum education/experience, if applicable.