H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

Tampa, FL

ID: 7240827 (Ref.No. hlj_53276)
Posted: May 1, 2024
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description


Position Highlights:

  • This position oversees the daily operations of the Cyber Security Threat Assessment Center, which focuses on monitoring cyber event logs from thousands of sources around Moffitt to secure Moffitt's mission critical technology resources.
  • This position will assist in leading the Cyber Security Threat Assessment Center by helping to design, implement, optimize and administer enterprise-class cyber security logging, monitoring and alerting solutions to safeguard Moffitt Cancer Center's data, systems, networks and associates.
  • The Manager of the Cyber Security Threat Assessment Center is responsible for maintaining and adhering to the established strategy, management and standardization of the organization's cyber security environment.
  • This position manages multiple and simultaneous projects implementing and improving technological security controls over a wide range of complex applications and systems both on premise and in cloud environments. Additionally, this position oversees the daily operations of the cyber security monitoring environment at Moffitt, triaging, assigning and following up on alerts and investigations in our case management system.
  • The Manager of the Cyber Security Threat Assessment Center also participates in multiple bodies with purview over Enterprise IT Architectural Review, Change Approvals, Root Cause Analysis and many other areas.




  • Ensure personnel are working alerts, events are properly escalated when needed, any required investigations are thorough and complete and that upper management is notified and updated as appropriate
  • Plan, define, assign and manage resources for projects and support tasks in collaboration with Enterprise IT, as necessary, to ensure success of all initiatives. Assist in troubleshooting escalated cyber security investigations.
  • Coordinate between Cyber TAC and Cyber OPS to facilitate investigations during a confirmed major incident. Lead response efforts to contain the threat so that OPS can begin recovery steps.
  • Develop, propose and implement strategies to address process gaps, lessons learned and incidents including implementation timelines. Ensure all projects and initiatives adhere to all process-based intake and audit requirements.
  • Assist in the development and delivery of ongoing reporting and trending metrics around cyber security threats including but not limited to Vulnerability Exploitation, External Attack Surface Management and Audit and Pen Test findings.  
  • Evaluate threats in the context of publicly available information as well as based on knowledge of Moffitt’s specific implementations and deployments in order to most effectively and efficiently mitigate risks and reduce threats.
  • Assist Cyber OPS in the unification of standards and processes across multiple cloud vendors in order to ensure consistent security posture, monitoring, assessment and remediation of all products and services owned and/or operated by Moffitt in the cloud.
  • Give expert opinions on the development and implementation of best practices and standards at Moffitt related to cyber security. Assess potential impact on cyber resources of changes proposed by Enterprise IT. Assist in Root Cause Analysis identification and future prevention of similar incidents.


Credentials and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – field of study: Cyber Security, Computer Science, Information Technology or closely related field
  • One (1) full year of experience on a dedicated SOC or TAC team as a cyber analyst or engineer, working alerts, remediating findings and producing Cyber Incident reports.
  • Five (5) years of experience in a supervisory or managerial role leading a team that is primarily focused on cyber security functions within a large enterprise. Or only three years exp in a supervisory role with a Masters Degree.
  • Eight (8) years of total experience in one or more roles strongly focused on cyber security. Or a Master’s degree and six (6) years.

Mission To create a Moffitt culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion as we strive to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. Vision To advance and accelerate a culture of access, equity, and inclusion. Diversity is a priority at Moffitt and is meant "to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion as we contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer." The Enterprise Equity Department focuses its efforts on eliminating those obstacles to an individual’s ability to exist within their personal comfort zone at the cancer center. Everyone is important to meeting this priority. Addressing and responding to diversity and inclusion fosters an environment where mutual respect for diverse cultures, communication styles, languages, customs, beliefs, values, traditions, experiences and other ways in which we identify ourselves, is the expectation.