Postdoctoral Associate - Communication Science & Disorders(#155)

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

ID: 7243836 (Ref.No. pt100155)
Posted: May 10, 2024

Job Description

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in the Speech Neural Systems Lab (PI Jason Bohland) in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. The overall goal of this project is to test and refine a neurobiological systems model describing how the brain’s motor system interacts with its sensory systems (including via trans-cerebellar circuits) as we plan and produce speech. The project will make extensive use of state-of-the-art ultra-high field (7T) functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to precisely characterize these neural systems in individual participants, including neurotypical adults and individuals with cerebellar damage.

This position is NIH funded and available immediately. The postdoc will work closely with Dr. Bohland and a larger research team (including Dr. Tamer Ibrahim - Bioengineering, and Dr. Julie Fiez - Psychology). Responsibilities will vary based on qualifications, experience, and specific interests, but will include involvement in experimental design and implementation of protocols, carrying out sophisticated fMRI data analyses, interpreting results within contemporary theories of (speech) motor control, and preparing manuscripts and presentations.

The candidate will join a vibrant research community with opportunities to connect and collaborate with other researchers in Pittsburgh. Dr. Bohland's Speech Neural Systems Lab is part of the Brain and Auditory Sciences Research Initiative, a cluster of labs in the Communication Science and Disorders Department with common vision and extensive, shared resources. The candidate will have multiple additional opportunities for mentorship and professional development, including through the Office of Academic Career Development in the Health Sciences, and the joint CMU-Pitt Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.

Qualifications or Expectations:

  • Ability to work well both independently and in a team
  • Demonstrated experience using functional neuroimaging technologies, preferably including fMRI
  • PhD in neuroscience, psychology, engineering, communication sciences, or a related field
  • Preferred: Experience in speech science and/or speech / language neuroscience
  • Preferred: Experience with MRI including knowledge of ultra-high field MRI
  • Preferred: Theoretical background in motor control and/or control theory
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong quantitative and computational skills

Opportunities Available:

  • Trainee will have opportunities for further professional development through the Office of Academic Career Development in the Health Sciences
  • Trainee will have opportunities to present work at national / international conferences
  • Trainee will have opportunities to publish work in speech and/or neuroscience journals
  • Trainee will have the opportunity to become part of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) community
  • Trainee will receive personalized mentoring by Dr. Bohland and a team of other faculty experts

Duties or Responsibilities:

  • Carry out data analyses in collaboration with larger project team
  • Design experiments and analytic approaches in collaboration with the PI
  • Interpret results within contemporary theories of speech motor control in collaboration with the PI
  • Prepare manuscripts and presentations in collaboration with the larger project team

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Application Instructions:

If you are interested in this position and would like further information, you can contact Dr. Bohland directly, including your CV and a brief statement of interest and avaiability.