Institute Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Senior Faculty (Associate/Full Professor)

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

ID: 7244083 (Ref.No. 19332-en_US)
Posted: May 13, 2024

Job Description

Baylor College of Medicine and Department Summary

The Center for Space Medicine (CSM) was established in 2008 to be a world academic leader in space biomedical research and education and to translate the advances in knowledge and technology to benefit life on Earth. The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) is a virtual institute awarded through a NASA cooperative agreement and is a consortium with Caltech and MIT. TRISH is charged by NASA’s Human Research Program with finding and providing federal grant funding to develop innovative approaches to reduce risks to humans on deep space missions. The consortium engages a wide network of academic institutions, companies, government labs, commercial space providers, and others to lead a national effort in translating cutting-edge emerging terrestrial research into applied space flight human risk mitigation strategies for exploration missions. Further information is available at .


TRISH is seeking an experienced space scientist to serve as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). The ideal candidate is an expert in space biomedical research and is a strategic thinker who can connect the dots across diverse discipline areas in science and medicine. He or she will work collaboratively as a member of a small leadership team to advance TRISH’s strategy to solve NASA’s human spaceflight health challenges in new ways. The CSO must possess agility, mental flexibility, and risk tolerance to lead a team of out-of-the-box scientists. The ideal candidate should approach challenges optimistically and possess the drive to overcome barriers to implementation.

The CSO will be responsible for the scientific excellence and integrity of the project portfolio, reporting directly to the TRISH Director. The CSO will join the TRISH leadership team which includes the Deputy Director/Chief Technology Transition Officer (CTTO), CFO, and the Chief Operations and Communications Officer (COCO), to help execute and coordinate TRISH’s science and technology initiatives within a fast-moving organization tasked with delivering health and performance technology and research deliverables to NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP). This role will oversee the Science Office which includes the Deputy Chief Scientist, a team of 4 scientists (some in-person and some remote), and one staff member.

The candidate must be skilled in communicating effectively with a variety of stakeholders. The role requires ease in relationship building as this individual will liaise with government, academic, and industry stakeholders. As a strong and engaging communicator, the CSO will deliver technical presentations and as well as talks to lay audiences.

The CSO will guide and support scientific researchers and oversee the Institute’s cohort of 100+ funded scientists throughout the United States.

The Candidate will be eligible for a faculty position at a rank appropriate to his or her experience within a department that is aligned based on the candidate’s background.

The Candidate will be eligible for a faculty position at a rank appropriate to his or her experience within a department that is aligned scientifically. The Candidate will also receive a faculty appointment in CSM and report to the CSM Director.

TRISH, led by BCM CSM, is a virtual institute awarded through a NASA cooperative agreement. Further information is available at .

Information about the BCM Center for Space Medicine information is available at

Strategic Resposibilities

  • Serve as the Institute's CSO, representing the science to NASA and other stakeholders.
  • Advance TRISH’s Science and Technology Initiatives and oversee the priorities and workings of the TRISH Science Office.
  • Ensure that all scientific projects meet the highest standards for excellence and are aligned with the Institute's mission and the Cooperative Agreement Statement of Work.
  • Help ensure that science procurement activities are fair and transparent.
  • Enable and support the CTTO and Deputy Chief Scientist in the demonstration of TRISH products and their value within spaceflight or space analog environments.
  • Working with the TRISH Communications office, connect the dots to NASA and other stakeholders on how TRISH solutions can reduce the risks to the health and human performance of deep space explorers.
  • Liaise effectively with the Institute’s COCO to optimize processes and maximize the value of the Cooperative Agreement.
  • Work closely with the TRISH Finance office to comply with federal regulations, BCM’s policies, and good business practices in executing the work of the Institute.
  • Help ensure that the Institute fully obligates its budget each year through timely obligation of funding.

Operational Focus

  • Working closely with the Deputy Chief Scientist, oversee the research and technology portfolio of funded projects to ensure investigators fulfill grant requirements and that all documentation is organized and tracked.
  • Liaise with funded investigators to resolve project issues as needed
  • Collaborate with the TRISH Communications team to develop technical content for presentations and online digital channels, including website and social media.
  • As a faculty member, contribute to the Center for Space Medicine through engagement with students and faculty peers.
  • Periodic travel to NASA Johnson Space Center and conferences will be required.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Doctorate (Ph.D., Sc.D., or MD) in the field of biomedical sciences.
  • Five years or more direct experience with human spaceflight research or management of research.
  • Seven years or more of experience in a leadership role, managing a technical team of three or more people.
  • Experience engaging diverse stakeholders in academia, government, and/or the private sector.
  • Experienced writer and oral presenter of highly technical scientific content.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Five or more years of experience executing or managing federal research funding.


  • Highly collaborative
  • Able to see around corners and anticipate customers’ needs
  • Customer-focused
  • Enjoys and is highly productive working virtually.
  • Thrives working as a member of a small but mighty team.
  • Able to communicate both strategy and detail with engaging and focused messaging
  • Leads with clear expectations, strong support, and open dialogue
  • Creative problem solver
  • Naturally a curious individual
  • Fast-paced and driven individual, able to sustain periods of intense work.

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