Researcher, Neurology (Instructor)

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

ID: 7248100 (Ref.No. 19360-en_US)
Posted: May 26, 2024

Job Description


An Instructor position intended for career researchers with at least 3 years of postdoctoral experience. Laboratory work centered around basic mechanisms of glioma-induced neural excitability using cutting-edge neuroscientific methods in mice. The successful applicant will independently conduct and analyze experiments involving surgical mouse preparation, in vivo imaging, behavior and electrophysiology recordings, design, and implementation of experiments to modulate neuronal function, and design of custom computational analysis code including statistical analyses. Other duties include scientific publication and presentation of completed studies, maintenance and organization of laboratory equipment and animal colony. There will be an expectation that this Faculty will apply for external funding.

Job Duties

Experimental duties:

  • Designs and prepares experiments using existing lab procedures as a guide, including surgical manipulation of mice, animal drug administration, fluorescent dye/virus injection, operation of in vivo chronic imaging setup including a combined two-photon and widefield fluorescence microscope, EEG recording, and behavioral monitoring.
  • Documents experimental procedures appropriately.

Data analysis:

  • Compiles data and organizes for analysis.
  • Uses existing computational analysis code and adapts to specific needs, performs appropriate statistical tests, summarizes, and presents data on a regular basis.
  • Mouse colony management: organize breeder cages, keep records, ensure animal guidelines are followed, transfer animals to/from collaborators, take tissue samples, run, and document genotyping process in collaboration with lab technician.

Lab maintenance:

  • Order routine laboratory reagents, regularly perform inventory, ensure supplies are stocked, schedule regular maintenance of biosafety cabinets, fume hoods etc., in collaboration with lab technician.
  • Helps maintain and update the IACUC animal and biosafety protocols. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.
  • Communicates with department staff as needed for various organizational tasks.
  • Communicates with the institutional animal care and use committee and center for comparative medicine to ensure compliance with animal protocol and guidelines.
  • The applicant will not directly supervise, but may direct the lab technician to assist with specific tasks relevant to their work without involving the PI.

Minimum Qualifications

Education Required: MD or PhD in a Basic Science or related field.

Experience Required: 3 years of postdoctoral research experience. Certification/Licenses/Registration: None Required.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Track record of experimental work or coursework in neuroscience/neurology/tumor biology.
  • Laboratory experience handling and breeding mice.
  • Experience collecting and analyzing fluorescence microscope images, electrophysiological and behavioral data.
  • Experience analyzing scientific data using MATLAB, Python, or other languages

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